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6th June 2008

Friday! This means Archaeology not a lot is going on. However, discussion has started as to whether or not time explorers should experiment with things such as flashmeetings and MSN, and I think Topper's having a go with the flashmeetings. I guess we'll have to see what happens.

Other than that, there's not a lot going on; I asked Peter about forum stats, and he suggested updating the Schome community history page, so there's a record of stats.

28th May 2008

With only a few more days of the project left, I decided to take some snapshots, over 40 to be precise. I would upload them to here to finish my user page, but they're over twice the recommended file size. I think reducing them is a job for tomorrow!

14th May 2008

Was going to swap this bliki with the wordpress blog, but we don't have individual ones (yet?) so I'm sticking with this. Also, might take ages, so....

Playing with the look and layout of edition 2 of MySchome (which is now a magazine not a newsletter).

11th May 2008

Completed the description for the Learners' X factor yesterday. Going to work on the wiki pages soon. Also got plans for a new project in world. More soon.

Oo do tell :P KitKatKid Schomer 12:11, 11 May 2008 (BST)
Not just yet :P --Marsbar9 Schomer 13:05, 11 May 2008 (BST)

26th April 2008

Busy working on something outside of schome at the moment, as well as revising for exmas - *rolls eyes*. Forgot to do the weekly summary for last weeks, so I got a PM from Alice - woops lol.

Archaeology seems to be coming along nicely - several new folk including Yati, Riverdance and Tigerkitty have joined in. Nice to see that Baso has been able to return to the project as well! Slight complication with getting the newsletter out, but I think we've come up with a solution to the problem...

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16th April 2008

More work on the newsletter - really looking good now, just a few more tweaks and I can send it to Peter. Also began work on the scho-op yesterday, it should relpace the SPTC soon. Inserted the new userpage template on required pages - need to look at updating my userpage soon...

11th April 2008

Bringing the newsletter together lately, still need several articles to come in though. Also tried out my new blog - might consider moving this across to it sometime next week. Dressed up last night at Savvy Avvies, turned into a sparkling, glowing, pink blue and grey blob thingy with tentacles coming out. I can see my brand going across all the high street stores... heh.

For anyone who reads this, remember you can have an article in the newsletter, the deadline is the 15th of this month.

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26th March 2008

Spent more time on the J8 Infectious diseases section lately, but the most interesting piece of news has to be the "Animus-demands-funding-BB diary room -cage". Here's a pic of me (accidently!) snoozing on the chair whilst everyone talked about Animus' cage. He refuses to come out before we get more funding....


5th March 2008

Spent some time making the events page much easier to use - by adding hidden fields that are only shown in the edit panel. Also added a new section for staff to say when they're online.

23rd February 2008

The sandbox was recently turned into a free for all. We can all terraform :D So I was in the day the settings were changed, and went in for a play, ending up with rather a large crater surrounded by a wall of earth, which prompted Steam Schomer to IM Peter *rolls eyes*

I went in today originally wanting to get filming done, but it doesn't work... so instead I stayed in to improve my terraforming skills. Here are some shots of the finished thing:

Terraforming 1.jpg Terraforming 2.jpg Terraforming 3.jpg

I quite like it, and I recommend taking a look before someone destroys it, but I would, wouldn't I? ;)

Yesterday Amba, Vibia and I were talking about things, and we got onto how we want another project to do, and one of the suggestions was a Buddhist Temple, with a not-so-ordinary bridge linking the temple (which would replace the Alpha Jap. Garden) to Siobhan's Garden. The bridge would be made of interlinking hands, representing how we're all together. Would be interesting to see if we could get that done.

I'd also like to see the Newsletter and Redesign of Alpha finished, but I doubt they'll happen soon...

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13th February 2008

Been a while since I last posted, but a lot has been happening and I've not had a chance. Faz recently changed to Animus Schomer for some reason, and we worked together on a replica of the original Scho-op. A poll was added, but an outcome was never achieved...

I also began work on my favourite build yet - the MediaHUB. It's fantastic, I've pushed myself this time and tried something new. I'm hoping it's gonna beat Animus' design...

The 2nd American group (from LA this time) have joined us and brought some amazing talent - just see AeroDragonX's pictures! And I think the Nepalese group are joining us soon.

Archaeology appears to be a hit, so I think we'll keep it running. There are loads more events taking place, and it's nice to see a bigger staff presence on the island(s). Phase 3 looks set to be the best yet. Titanic is also starting soon, we've got a big long list of things to do before we can film though - so I best get a move on...

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22nd January - opening

Opening at last!!! The island is amazing, I was rather speechless when I first went in, it was a special moment, getting lost at the front entrance :P (You can hardly say how to get in was well-documented lol!) Then I had a brief moment in the observatory, amazing - so mysterious through that texture. Decided the suspense was mudering Marsbar9 and ran down the steps, slipped and fell a fair bit into a ditch :P Loving it...

Met up with friends old and new, and of course, took some piccys!!!! Here are my first experiences in the island. Schomecentral.jpg Largecrater.jpg Fantasticwindow2.jpg Fantasticwindow.jpg Discussion.jpg

PS: Lag is bad :(
PPS:Loving the caves, Vibia and myself have adopted them for Archaeology...

21st January - T-1day

Just a quick post to say I can't wait - though why hasn't there been a preview shot today?

20th January - T-2days

Bit of a hiccup on the forum today, but it appears to be sorted now!

19th January - T-3days

So I carried on my experimenting with GIMP this evening, and came up with this: 60sectimer.gif

and this morning we saw the first glimpses of Beta:

Can't wait!!! I told you it was going to be Sci-fi just by looking at a staff picture!!!

18th January - T-4days

So today I added all the staff to the Schome Park community members page. I'm sure there are more staff than students!!! Interesting image that Fox uploaded today, not sure what to make of it...


Anyhoo - no doubt I will be busy yet again once we get more people in the project - I need to come up with a new design for the community members page. Cannot WAIT for Schome Park to open, the suspense is awful lol!!!

17th January - T-5days

Gosh, lots of heated topics on the forum, and a lot of new people entering the project, and as always some interesting names coming up lol.

Had to cancel the first Archaeology session, which I am sorry for (and annoyed!). The island looks really interesting - rather Sci-fi if you look at Maimonides picture, so I can't wait to get in there! Shame it's opening on a tuesday however - seems a bit odd to do it mid week....

16th January - T-6days

Simply for continuity :P

15th January - T-7days

Had a sneak peak of SP Beta today, by looking at Maimonidea avatar pic lol. Look rather sci-fi, I'm very intrigued! Also updated the schome park community members page, checking who had reached 20 posts on the forum, deleting those who haven't been active since November etc. Also, just looked down at my blog and realised that somehow I've overwritten the first animation I made. My upload rights are messing with me...

Shame Schome Park didn't open today - t-7days!

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13th January

Found out how to slow down the animation from yesterday, so from


We get


12th January

My first animation in GIMP:


Update: I tried a few more, with less success -


That second one gives me a headache... - Kathy Schomer 12:18, 13 January 2008 (GMT)
I know, I've tried looking at it to slow it down, but it doesn't work - yet... --Marsbar9 Schomer 12:31, 13 January 2008 (GMT)

5th January

Everything happened so quickly - the mediabox bid seemed to creep up on us, and suddenly, 2 days before the bid has to be completed, nothing has been done! I did my part, a write up of our plans for the Titanic and also future sessions. I guess we'll soon see the outcome of it; it doesn't look good...

4th January

Official opening date of phase three announced (15th January) so I'm looking forward to that. Been busy activating all the user pages recently, in a bid to help people start using them! I've also been playing about with my userpage, but I'm still not happy with the way it looks... will continue playing!

17th December

SPii closed down on sunday, and after a (quick, on my behalf) party to celebrate the end of the phase, we all reflected on Phase 2! Interesting to hear Peter's point of view on how the phase went, and also on his view of the future of Schome Park. Just a wuick note, as it's the last week and we're getting close to Christmas not much has happened!

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11th December

Where'd November go? Me thinks I made a mistake on the last entry and was meant to put November instead of October! Well, yesterday we welcomed back Katharine Berry, who left a few months back for various reasons. We went on a little expedition the two of us, putting our previous encounters behind and starting afresh. Yesterday was, but can't say why...

I posted up the first third of the Titanic script on the forum today, and have decided that the whole set needs redoing, as somehow half of it has been deleted. Wasn't me...

I had something else to say, but can't remember what it is, so I'll leave this for now.

11th November

I completed the shell of the MI6 Building I made, see the picture below. It's in the sandbox at the moment, but because it's so big I can't take a copy into my invetory, so I might move it outside the sandbox. My plan is to have it as a replacement of Scholympia, but I doubt that'll happen.

The MI6 style build is in the sandbox

I've been inworld a fair bit this week, but I've not really done much. The Titanic set is coming along well - we've got around 3/4 of the sets finished, but the rest should be fairly easy, I just need Baso to help me with the grand staircase. Lots of people willing to help, which is really good.

Second week of the Americans being in SPii and they've all settled in really well - this week's prim count is evidence of that! lol

Off to finish MI6 now.

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30th October

Wow!!!! I just made my first ever script thanks to Achilles and Baso - all be it a duplicate of the hello world script :P Not much more to say other than I want to meet the americans!!

24th October

After being in the project from the beginning, I thought I might begin to compile my own report, on how I see Schome Park. I'm going to start here with a few notes, and work on it from there. So watch this space. Today I am going to avoid Faz - we have had yet another argument and we seem miles away from getting it sorted. I'm going to have a building spree, designing and building several builds so I stay ahead of the game in b/p. Missing Explo and his calm manner - Achilles and I don't seem as diplomatic!

22nd October

Just about to log off now, but thought I might add a little post here. Today's been really nice, doing stuff in RL. Came on to a PM from Fox saying my index page was "professional", and then reading the E-learning awards thread in the forum, I'm really happy everyone likes the work I've been doing.

Chatting to Baso today about a CHIP Program, which will basically be our own little buddy apparently, I guess we'll hear more of that soon.

Right, off I go to sit with family. Tomorrow I might set about finishing the TITANIC script, Pigment and I had a chat the other week on how to do the best script, and we decided to get really personal with the characters.

Might pop more on here tomorrow, but heck, I'll probably forget and leave it another month as usual :P

21st October

Neglected all my pages for ages, bad habit. Well, this month I went on a complaining spree, complaining that the wiki was unhelpful in many places, so I set about making several of the "deceased" wiki pages more alive and inviting. Overall feedback was pretty good. I uploaded some logos for Schome (in general) and several of the staff were really impressed, and I was asked to work on the E-learning bid with Trixxiee. Trixxiee hasn't been well :(. Several of us have been working on it, and we've come up with some really good stuff. We just need to bring it all together now.

Halloween coming up soon, and my plan is to hide in SPii. I decorated the museum accordingly, some abnormally large pumpkins, to say the least. I might get some pictures up on the wiki so the people who are unable to get into SPii (the list seems to grow!!!) can see.

Spoke to Peter today, he says there're loads more people coming in soon, 20 consent forms just came in. Yankee SParker, Amba SParker and my new buddy KitKatKid Schomer have all settled in really well, which is great.

Explo left Ach, Spiral and myself looking after b/p, leaving us in a bit of a pickle in the beginning, cos he does the sweeps of the island, but luckily the improved sandbox seems to be doing its job, and the number of unauthorised builds has dropped, (if by dropped you mean there haven't been any more, the list is still pretty extensive!)

Well, I think this is enough info for the time being, so I'm gonna shut up and get back to work on E-learning awards.

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17th September

Well, been busy this month, why I haven't written in here in ages. I have been working on several things, the Media Sessions, b/p, STS (now grounded - not moved anywhere lol!) and loads more stuff.

Sadly, august was a bit of an empty month, not much going on as many of us were on holiday. We're getting back to normal now though.

Because nothing was going on people were getting at each other's throats. We lost a member of the project, a very talented person called Katharine Berry. She seems to know loads, shame she left. If you read her old use page's history you will notice she wasn't keen on me, but I am not really sure. The one time we met each other we got on fine.

Lots of new people coming soon (apparently) so that should be interesting.

Big debates going on on Forum; B/P, what is a strand, should we be allowed out of SPii? Makes good reading :P

Hapno has also left us to get on with college, and whilst we still hear from him on the forum he no longer comes in Schome Park.

Pigment and Pilgrim, some of the new members of support staff are very nice, and really keen to get involved and help. I haven't seen or heard much from Mark or Dan recently, I really liked them :(

I know some people think SPi was better, but I think both have their merits.

and so concludes my entry for today!

Side note: After speaking to Spike Linden yesterday, my impressions of the linden staff have seriously gone down :(

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3rd August

Well, replied to Peter's PM about some business, was told to remove something I had p and p for, (but I don't know what Explo was on about! :P) and I moved the replica (second one) to next to the museum. I am going to work on it as a secret (well, not so secret) project, ready to reveal to the community at the end of September. It will be fantastic - you won't want to complain (I hope!)

Right - better get it sorted!


And PS: For the media of the UK: The participants of Schome Park DO NOT have learning difficulties. Whilst one or two have dislexia, dispraxia and related difficulties, the majority of us don't. I was shocked to read someone's report on us, and find out that all of us do. Thanks Mark - that is something to remember!

(hope that made sense! ^)

PPS: Spent an hour attempting to break in to "the vault" with Daisy and Katharine lol

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29th July

20 days is a long time lol. Been very busy sorting out the scho-op with Faz. The media making has been put on hold at the moment, far too busy. I have made a new SPii page today, called the schome park project homepage. It is where all pages relating to the project can have a link, so that everything is in one place.

Right - off to see if Trix has replied to my IM, and if Katharine is gonna give me one of those funky pages she gave herself and trix.

9th July

Well, this past week has been very hectic, been in the centre of most arguments this week. Many have said they are against the way building and planning have "control over the island", but I said we only do it so SPii doesn't have to become SPiii.

The scho-op is finally updated now, just thinking of reviewing the design, how I can move the current contents into the new designs. The scho-op has a new folder called Scho-op Builds, where I'm hoping to get copies of all the builds in.

New media equipment coming wednesday apparently, can't wait!

This concludes today's entry,


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28th May

Chatting to a few people on the forum, trying to sort out arrangements for the first media sessions - more coming over on that soon. Right, off in-world now, just a quicky today, bye!

23rd May

Long time since last post, builders meeting yesterday, got that sorted with few disputes. Now just adding to the schome dictionary - maybe trix could get it published - a free copy for all? :P

Any ways, trying to get a finished answer on the Scho-op and SS now, just deleted the old poll and added a better, new one now.

All for now, thanks for coming to the meeting yesterday all of you!

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4th May

I have put up a notice on the forum saying I'm sitting back on the project, only going to build the scho-op and then observe. I'll get involved with the sessions - Hapno's seem really interesting if they're anything like the ones on the forum.

There's been a lot of discomfort on the forum (in my view). People are beginning to take little picks out of people and are beginning to nag.

Lets stop moaning now -

Marsbar9 Schomer.

22nd May

I've finally got round to reading all the unread posts on the forum - two days and it seems everyone takes the opportunity to post three or four threads lol. I was looking at the scho-op script page, and it seems as if it will go well. Baso still isn't letting up on giving us his method for going "anywhere", even behind closed doors :P. Where's the privacy in this I hear you ask? Well I wouldn't mind so much if he told us how he does it :P

I remembered there's something on the SL website, Friends Online, but I couldn't get it to work. Maybe he's found another way. Just going to send a message to Faz about SS. It seems we may be doing similar things :-O. Better sort this one out,


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15th May

Still not impressed that the island is closed - especially now that my plan for the community centre haven't gone down well. I have now resorted to only re-creating the sch-op. Hopefully this will go down better with people like Aston and Topper - complete anti-mars and "open space" campaignists! :-(

We've still not had any update on when the island is opening back up - and I think people are complaining about things that have gone, ie mars,because it was never used, and are asking for a beach - great for the newbies and for the first month. After this I can guarantee it won't get used. Just my views though!

I think that the new Mount Scholympus is a bit weird. Fabulous architecture, but the usage. One: people are complaining that the community centre will be huge, but the staff have built scholympus to be used as a community centre - and it's bigger than my plan for our one ! The Schome world has gone bonkers! lol. Very confused.

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10th May

Found out today that schome park will be closed down, deletedl and completely re-built. Not very pleased about this after all the effort we've put into this over the past.... 3/4 months? I'm really missing it now it's closed!