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NOTICE: This user is no longer an active member of Schome. She has been driven away by consistent quarrelling, overworked, pointless bureaucracy, and people such as Edi who consistently annoy. Plus there's just not anything interesting to do here. However, she does poke the forum every so often. Her final words about you can be found on her blog.

Oh, and well done, marsbar9. You have successfully proved the idiocy of the people here, and managed to delete the link bar in the process.

About me

I'm 15 years old, and spend all my time meddling with computers and/or reading. I did AS Computing earlier this academic year, and next year will be doing GCSEs in English, French, German, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, English Literature and History. However, I hate examinations, and feel that they are a flawed system for working out anything other than medium-term memory skills, at least in some subjects.

I'm generally fairly picky about grammar, and hate it when people Write Every Word Of The Sentence In With A Capitalised Initial Letter, Even In Titles.

In the unlikely event you want to know more about me, you have the option of boring yourself reading my blog.


  • This wiki is a mess. There are fragments of user pages everywhere, and navigating around them is painful.
    • (The category "Personal Pages" should all be in the User: namespace.)
    • People should use subpages instead of creating new pages with their name.
  • Upgrade the wiki software - the current version is 1.10.1, and we're on 1.5.8. There are almost certainly some security issues with year old versions too. :p
We have asked the OU to do this - they say that they can't until October ...  :O( PeterT 18:35, 29 July 2007 (BST)
Is it not free, anyone could do it, no? --Marsbar9 Schomer 18:46, 29 July 2007 (BST)
It would involve a PHP upgrade, which I guess they're unhappy about doing. Which is a shame = PHP5 is much better than PHP4.
  • Leave comments on talk pages instead of in the middle of things. Following the actual page ends up much harder with lengthy discussions in the middle
  • Sign and date your comments.
I think you owe some of us an apology.
No I don't. I also advise that you make comments on the discussion page. Which is what it's for.