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I quit. The levels of idiocy and hostility are far higher than is acceptable.

  • If a decision is made, don't count it as invalid and delay things by a month just to make yourself happy. Don't be rude to people who disagree with you. (Mars)

Type in English. Not txtspk. Not 1337. Don't use "u" as short for "you." "Cos" is incredibly annoying. Capitalise the letter "I." Text messages are limited to 160 characters. SL lines are limited to 1024 characters, and you don't have to pay to use several. The time you save typing is countered by the additional time required to understand the nonsense you produced. (This applies to many of the people here.)

Use a spellcheck in the forum. It's not hard. (topper, baso, and others)

If you don't like Second Life, stop using it. (Decimus)

For a group of supposedly intelligent people, I am highly unimpressed. Your sim is significantly less interesting than the main TG. Most of the buildings, excluding Woop's, are badly made, and the majority could have been built by me - and I am incapable of building. I have seen nothing of any worth done whatsoever. except for repeated mass panics and excessive child protection paranoia. I can't include an external website, under my full control, unless I duplicate it, remove some features, and change its base principles, as a result of "child protection" scares. Anyone intelligent is not going to have any issues with child protection online - use of the close button, and (in SL) the ctrl-shift-H key combination will get you out of anything.

You give the outside world a bad impression, and upon joining you maintain it. Bonus points if I come back tomorrow and this isn't here any more. (Because harsh criticism is censored by moderators, at least on the forum.)