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This page was created by Faz Schomer

Welcome to my Gallery. Please make sure you maximise the pictures, to get the full quality experience, Picture formatting for Internet Explorer 7, please use this browser if you experience viewing difficulty! Please note, All of the pictures on this wiki page were taken by Faz Schomer as part of the Schome Park Project. Thankyou, enjoy.

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Schome Park II

A lunar atmosphere over the scho-op
A symetrical scholympia sunrise. What a mouthfull!
Water meets fire meets ice
a zen garden sunset
A starry sky amongst the turrets
Beware the Forbidden sim
Spii from up High
Spii Secrets
Bleeding sky, Windlight does not supply


Faz upon a pillar
Faz with a slight halo
Faz trying to surf
Faz's everest
Faz with a spectacular aura
A bodyless Faz!


15th December 2006 - Staff orientation meeting


15th December 2006 - Goodbye spii
15th December 2006 - another spii leaving pic
15th December 2006 - another spii leaving pic
15th December 2006 - another spii leaving pic, spiral backflips

Utter Insanity

My means of getting a prim at 4077 metres up.. for experimental purposes of course!