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This page provides information about the current research and development phase of the Schome Park Project.

Images of island

Here are pictures of some of the odds and ends left around on Schome Park when it closed at the end of Phase 3.

Data analysis

Data analysis tends to go on in the background and not get written up in the wiki, so I though I'd mention it for a change. I'm currently working on the chat logs of eight events, together with associated videos, forum postings, wiki pages, Photobucket pictures etc - looking at the levels of knowledge-age skills displayed in each.

I've just been generating tag clouds of some of the data using Wordle. Here's an example from a chat log of a Time Explorers discussion about Roman Roads. The more frequently a word was used, the larger it appears (if you look carefully, Dr Who is in there somewhere). Fox


Topper added this wordle of the space experiment first proposal.

SCHOMER orginal propsal wordle.jpg

Visit to the Open University and Surrey Satellite

Baso got to grips with a meteorite
Kali in the Planetary Sciences department
Gaea's real-life desk
Decimus and Spiral
Topper with 'Gibeon', the iron meteorite
One of the Open University labs

11 June 2008

A picture of Schome Park appeared in Wagner James Au's Second Life blog,New World Notes in a report on Kathy's use of shadows in Second Life.