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This page provides info about the development of our island on the Teen Grid, Schome Park, and the things that the schome group are getting up to in Teen Second Life (Teen Grid / TG). You can get to Schome Park by clicking on its slurl which is (you need to be a registered user of the island for this to work).

If you do schomey things in Teen Second Life (TSL or TG) then why not tell us about them here?
More information about the Teen Grid is available here |}

21st March - Dance, Dance, Dance!

After the meeting this evening, we all went made and had a bit of a dance fest. You can see more pictures here, I hope it makes you laugh!

And Mark, if you're still set on bribing me to get rid of them, I'm open to offers! - Trixxiee Schomer

21st March - Results of the Meeting

We've been busy with the hour-long meeting as of late. the results of which are:
  • Dealing with the prim limit: seeing as we've used 10,000 of the 15,000 limit, we've decided to create buildings and such out of 'low prim buildings'. This renders most of the buildings in the catalog useless, as quite a few of them are 40+ prims.
  • Where can I build: The request to build in the sky is still in effect.
  • Money, how do I get it?: You get it by asking the staff, make sure its worth it, though, linden money costs REAL money!
  • Anti-social behaviour: Griefers will be given a warning, then a temp. ban if it happens again, the ban will last for up to a week.
  • The Museum: people have been asking for an art gallery, so, seeing as the Museum is bare, we will form that into a art gallery (of sorts). We are pending on this decision from the Museum team. However, remember that SkyLouneg is also acting as an art gallery for pictures and small items. Search SkyLounge for more info
  • My own idea, Writers' Corner has been given the green light, Woop and others will help with technical aspects.
  • Also, we've thought about adding the 'eduserv unit' in the glass meeting room to the auditorium.

Always at the ready, -Wintermute

Here we are - towards the end of the meeting ...
Agenda for the meeting. ('Any other business' is a code term for 'dancing'
Lots of people turned up for the meeting
In fact, Euphloozie found it necessary to stand on other people!

19th March - What's been going on in Schome Park?

Welcome to a round up of what's been going on in Schome Park over the last few days. I'm hoping this will be a good way of finding out what has been going on in Schome Park. If there is anything you think should be here, feel free to add it in. The more people helping to keep this running, the merrier. - Trixxiee Schomer

So, what's been going on in Schome Park? Well:

Surprisingly, I am actually in this ship!

This is the Wintership, made by Wintermute Schomer. It has some very good pieces of scripting in it, though it seems to capture the rider, which is a little unnerving. However, I'm sure that piece of scripting will be fixed soon, so if you want to have a ride, contact Wintermute.

I happened to be around when we got attacked by bubbles! Does anyone share the feeling that bubbles are secretly evil?
A dolphin
A buffalo

These are two of the many animals that have appeared in the Sandbox over the last couple of days. I think that, with so many animals around, including the two above, cats and talking dragons, Schome Park should get its own zoo, or before we know it, the Sandbox is going to be overridden with pets (although that may not necessarily be a bad thing!).

This is a still picture (obviously), but this roundabout was spinning around very fast!

This mad fairground ride appeared in the Sandbox a day or two ago. I don't know who made it, but it looked rather fast. I'm glad I didn't have a go, because I'm not sure if avatars can be sick or not...

19 March: what does it mean to be online in SchomePark?

TheSchome Ranger said a really interesting thing to me today- "what does it mean to be 'online' in SchomePark?". He made the point that while for some people this means doing things actively, other people might be logged into SchomePark all day but actually only pay attention now and again if something interesting happens. A bit like having the radio on while you're doing something else and only paying attention when somebody says something interesting or your favourite song comes on. Hmmm... this is a really good point because one of the first statistics we were thinking of collecting was the time that people spent online in SchomePark so we could tell NAGTY and other people things like "we had of 50 people online on average each day and they spent 2 hours each in Schome Park". But quite clearly there's a lot of difference between somebody going into SchomePark for a Physics session/chatting with friends/building something, being very active, and somebody logging in and having it running in the background. I need to be clear about this - I am not saying either way of using it is 'good' or 'bad', just a different way of thinking about what it means to be in SchomePark. Hmmmm.... --Mgaved 15:07, 20 March 2007 (GMT)

18th March - Buildings, buildings everywhere!

In fact, enough buildings to merit a page of their own.

Just one of the many buildings that appeared 'overnight' in Schome Park

Life in Schome Park is never dull! SParkers are really getting the hang of building and several impressive houses have appeared over the last 24 hours in the Sandbox. If we're not careful, we're going to be over-ridden with houses, so the planning meeting next week will be very useful for as many people as possible to attend. If possible, it would be helpful if the SParkers could raise their houses above ground level - it will be the dawning of new sky housing estates! I wonder if it'll catch on in RL...

Houses are literally popping up everywhere, which is great!
There definitely won't be a shortage of housing in Schome Park!

17th March - SkyBase@250

There is a new project underway in schomepark known as Skybase@250, a new housing estate that was seen flying above the sandbox recently (previously known as the baso skyestate) a new page has put up about it SkyBase@250

17th March - griefer attack

The Scho-Op part way through the clean up of the griefer attack
Someone built hundreds of prims (cubes and spheres in this case) all over the island. It took literally hours of staff time to clear up - during which time the Scho-Op was accidentally deleted (requiring even more hours to rebuild it).

Behaviour of this sort is definitely not acceptable - please read the SNP acceptable use policy - such behaviour in the future will lead to the perpetrator being banned from Schome Park (the length of the ban depending upon the circumstances).

A very depressing morning ...

How should we deal with folk who do interesting, creative, yet destructive or anti-social things in Schome Park? If you have a view then share it (via the Dealing with troublesome behaviour discussion)

15th March - the big build!

At least some of the Sparkers have taken to the building tools in Teen Second Life - the island is getting rapidly filled each day with people's constructions. This is really exciting but also really challenging for the support team. Exciting because after all this planning, the island is really being used. Challenging because there is so much stuff being built. If we don't find a way of managing it, the island will be knee deep in boxes, motorbikes and flaming cows. At the moment we're doing a night time sweep of all the unfinished simple things outside the sandbox and stuff on top of the educators areas, and trying to chat to the people building complex things and asking them to lift their builds so they float above the island. Even this won't be enough space though if 100 SParkers want to build a house. We're going to call a meeting next week to get people's opinions --Mgaved 23:22, 15 March 2007 (GMT)

Crashed jet embedded in Physics area. Oops, careless parking...

Good idea Mark. Fox and I have been wondering whether it would make sense to temporarily clear away some of the existing areas that are not currently extensively used into Schomer Pidgeons inventory to free up a bit more build space. Currently, whenever I am online, the SParkers are mostly congregating in the sandbox to build, heading for the educator's areas or hanging out in the Scho-Op (which is proving very popular thanks to Schome Malone). --Euphloozie 14:52, 16 March 2007 (GMT)

13th March 07 - SParkers taking off ...

Blimey - talk about digital natives (or neo-millennials if you want to be really trendy) - the SParkers have really started to fly (literally and metaphorically).

What with all those free houses I think the prim limits are going to be exceeded soon!

Elmoslayer and dragon?
Well are you going to help me or not?
Burning cows that was a close escape!
baso Schomer - hope that full moon isn't going to cause problems ...
Hmm, is that house in the sandbox?
I think not!
Maybe if we hide it under the water no-one will notice.
Mostly underwater anyway ...
Where does Faz end and dalek begin?

12th March 07 - the SParkers have landed

After some problems with the bulk registration of the students on the schome-NAGTY Teen Second Life Pilot (which I have promised to document elsewhere in the wiki) - the first SParkers started arriving on Schome Park at around 8pm tonight (this is not quite true cos George Schomer was able to get in on the 10th March - poor soul was all alone on the island!)

Here are some snapshots to give you a feel for the sorts of things we were getting up to ...

Decimus just hanging out
Faji goes shopping?
Staff hard at work ...
Mark exhausted after 3 hours in-world!
This building lark is dangerous!
The sandbox

10th March 07 - SNP started?

Heck - we've been busy - especially woop who has almost single handedly rebuilt most of Schome Park - check out the new Reception area, the Temple and Hadrian's wall! However, I think he's got a bit carried away with all the pictures of himself on the Schome Park mentor's notice board! What on earth is TheSchome Ranger wearing - looks like one of Woop's cast offs!

Schome Park from the SW corner on the 10th Mar
The Help Area - looks like Woop has been replicating
TheSchome Ranger was there - but where was everyone else?
The new Reception Area
The Temple but what is that dalek doing there?

15th February 07 - SchomeBase mirrored onto Schome Park

At last - all the building work we have been doing on SchomeBase was copied over to Schome Park last night by Linden Labs. A big thank you to Claudia Linden for all her help on this. I understand that ours is the last island that they will ever mirror across in this way. We are now setting out to check that everything is still working - but the initial signs are very hopeful. Now we just need to sign up the student .... watch this space .... 200 NAGTY students should be joining us in here in the next few weeks.

Schome Park on the 15th Feb

3rd January 07 - First sightings of Schome Park

Schome Park went live sometime over the holidays - the first sightings of it by TheSchome Ranger are shown here.

The first view of Schome Park
The second view of Schome Park
Another view of Schome Park

We don't expect there to be much development of Schome Park for the next few weeks - because we are doing all the development work on SchomeBase and will port this all across (land formations and all) towards the end of January.

November 06 - island ordered

We have ordered Schome Park - after lots of problems sorting out new user registration details that would allow us to do so. We are expecting Schome Park to be available from January 07 ...

October 06 - decision to buy an island

In October 2006 we decided to go ahead with an island in Second Life's Teen Grid (TG), as that is the only way in which adult researchers can access the TG. The Aspire Pilot team has agreed to fund the purchase. We are currently sorting out details with Claudia Linden. Our TG island will be called Schome Park.