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Intro to WikiWorks

There are two main parts to the schome website:

  • WikiWorks (which you are currently looking at) - which provides information relevant to the schome community - it is a wiki, which means that anyone who registers for it can edit/add content.
  • The schome community forum - which provides a space where we can discuss any aspect of schome (or education more generally).

You can access the schome community forum via the 'Community forum' link in the navigation panel which appears on the left of most pages in WikiWorks.

Unfortunatley, at present these two parts of the website are poorly integrated; they have seperate registration and login systems. In practice this means you have to register with both WikiWorks and the schome community forum if you want to be able to post material in both places.

Register for the schome community forum before registering for WikiWorks.

Regestering for the schome community forum

If you want to register for the schome community forum then go to the schome community forum and select the Register option. You will be taken to a page where you are asked to fill in a few details. Once you've done that the system will send you an email with details of how to activate your account in the schome community forum.

Regestering for WikiWorks

If you want to register and/or login to WikiWorks then you can do so by clicking on the 'register or log in' option that appears at the top right of the WikiWorks panel, just below your browser's toolbars. It takes about 1 minute to register.

When you click on the 'register or log in' option you will be taken to a window that asks you to provide some basic info - such as a username and password.

Your username will be used to identify you within WikiWorks - so where possible it makes sense for your username to be your own name or nickname.

When you register you are given the option of providing your email address - whilst this is not compulsory the convention within WikiWorks is that adults do provide their email address.

Once you have registered one of the first things you should do is to edit your userpage. You can access your userpage by clicking on your username - which will be the first item in the menu that runs along the top of the WikiWorks panel (just below your browser's toolbars).

Please include some info about yourself - but remember that this website is open to anyone on the Internet - whilst adults might want to include their email address, young people should NOT provide any personal details anywhere in WikiWorks.

If you have any concerns about the information anyone has provided within WikiWorks then please discuss them with Peter Twining ( .