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This is my first post here - please be gentle with me! Re: the strapline, I am VERY found (please don't all shout me down at once!) of the Marc Prensky phrase'Twitchspeed Generation'. When I have spoken at conferences, and quoted him, it is the single time when pens furiously scribble down what I've just said! As a teacher and parent of 2 young kids I can totally identify with him when he says we fedd children a diet of 100 mile an hour information on tv, computers and games, yet when they enter a classroom (but not MINE, I hasten to add) we give them the equivalent of depressants. So I like 'Twitchspeed generation' as it does not specify INFORMATION/TECHNOLOGY/DIGITAL etc. as being the important part of the concept. --Wellfan 11:39, 27 Jul 2005 (BST)