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This is my first post here - please be gentle with me! Re: the strapline, I am VERY fond (please don't all shout me down at once!) of the Marc Prensky phrase'Twitchspeed Generation'. When I have spoken at conferences, and quoted him, it is the single time when pens furiously scribble down what I've just said! As a teacher and parent of 2 young kids I can totally identify with him when he says we feed children a diet of 100 mile an hour information on tv, computers and games, yet when they enter a classroom (but not MINE, I hasten to add) we give them the equivalent of depressants. So I like 'Twitchspeed generation' as it does not specify INFORMATION/TECHNOLOGY/DIGITAL etc. as being the important part of the concept. --Wellfan 11:39, 27 Jul 2005 (BST)

I hadn't come across Marc Prensky or the Twitchspeed generation - interesting notion - though perhaps one of the things we need to be trying to do is helping learners to concentrate and stay focussed for increasing periods of time - and the phrase twitchspeed suggests hoping from thing to thing which might not fit well with intense concentration - but then again maybe I am just an old fuddy duddy - I have no problem with the notion of multitasking (reading and watching tv at the same time - which for me means focussing on the book until something interesting happens on the TV and then I focus on that for a bit, then back to the book - I can follow most soaps/dramas in this fashion and still take in what I am reading - so long as it is not too heavy/academic - cos I then need to give it my full attention). So - to what extent is twitchspeed about capacity to deal with multiple channels of input (which might link with notions of multimodality) and to what extent is it about the concentration span (which might be associated with inability to concentrate!)? - PeterT 17:55, 27 Jul 2005 (BST)
Might be better to have this discussion in the discussion panel associated with the strapline debate - shall I move it? - PeterT 17:57, 27 Jul 2005 (BST)

Just showing that you can leave a comment PeterT 15:26, 1 Apr 2006 (BST)

My Provocation-By Ollie

My Provocation- By Ollie

Headline text

My Idea

        I thouught long and hard about my schome provocation, and here it is:
 I believe that children should attend pre-school nuresry, and the like( like 2day) before they go to school. My reason for this is that going to these places teach children how to speak, communicate and basic socialising skills, as well as educatingh them. I dont think that you can do this in any other way. NO COMPUTERS INVOLVED. If you to introduce children of 2 and 3 years old to a computer they may become totally addicted or turn themself away from them for life!But in this time they should be educated in a number of different ways, through music, throughreading ect... To get a rough idea of what the children like and dislike.
     On to Primary School, i think that this one is particularly interesting. I believe that at some point in their Primary educucation they need to be introducued to the computer world, but when? The easiest solution would be to introduce them when their teachers feel that they are ready, but this would be impractical. Students that are not deemed 'ready' would loose confidence. So this would not work