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16 Nov 2009 This is a wiki about Schome Research

Amba, this wiki is far from perfect, but I believe it should give visitors an overview of and insights into Schome research.

This is a closed / dormant project. It is important that visitors find information relating to Schome research quickly and easily.

Please do not treat it as an intermittent 'blogging' area for anything which happens to interest you. The Schome blog would be a more appropriate place to do that.

With thanks for your understanding.


Hello Alan, nice to meet you. What is your role in Schome? I have been with this project since July 2007 and have seen little or no evidence of this being a "collaboratively authored" wiki. It has been the preserve of "the few" who add to it as they please. Hardly anyone has ever touched anything written by anyone else, probably through politeness, let alone deleted it! Those that throw the most at it tend to end up having a disproportionate influence over the way it is. (Not all schome participants were wiki-wise, by any means!)

The feeling seems to have been “If it violates the AUP, delete it, otherwise let it sit there, however innappropriate, because this is “collaboratively authored”. We can all see that that has not worked. I have never seen any good practice guidelines for effective use, any protocols or anything that tells us how we should use it to support our learning and work. Some groups had developed certain systems, but they were not universally adopted. It wouldn’t surprise me if all if each of us had a different view of how this wiki should should be added to and managed. I am very glad that you have a vision for the way this wiki should work and have the time and authority to deal with it. The JISC conference already has over 400 delegates and does not need to be ‘promoted’ – I just thought that those who read this wiki would find it useful to hear from current leaders in the field and visit places of pedagogic interest. However, I agree that this is a closed project and the only information this wiki should contain should be directly Schome related. It should definitely not be some sort of limping blog! LOL!


22-Oct-08 I thought and think wikis are collaboratively authored.

So it reads really odd to use the first person pronoun ie 'my thanks....' it makes it look as if the wiki belongs to and is authored by one person (ie Peter T) sorry I cannot work out how to put this below the contents--Julia G 14:28, 22 October 2008 (BST)

Good point - sorted PeterT 06:47, 24 October 2008 (BST)
Actually I've been thinking about this - and I'm very torn about it. Yes a wiki should be a collaborative space rather than belonging to one person - but it is also important that it is personal (not just some unembodied conglomeration of contributors) - I (as the initiator of the Schome Initiative and Director of the Schome Park Programme do want to acknowledge the role that staff have played personally - but I'm not trying to own the space or prevent other people from contributing to it (the exact opposite in fact). So I've re-sorted it! ??? PeterT 15:16, 24 October 2008 (BST)
I think you have Amba 15:32, 24 October 2008 (BST)

That was October 2008. You blew it again later on by taking out an important acknowledgement regarding my considerable contribution which incidentally was made totally in my own time and was totally unrelated to my work. Not even a thank you! Sigh.

I will re-iterate that a wiki is a "technology". Whether or not pages within the wiki are "collaboratively authored" depends on how the project using them is run!

I am very glad that Alan will be sorting all this out for the future. Good luck Alan!


13-Jun-06 6:17 BST - Moved Ollie's provocation - PeterT

I moved Ollie's provocation from here to his user page. Please have a look at it and give him some feedback (either by editing Ollie's provocation or leaving comments on his discussion panel.

1-Apr-06 15:26 BST - Leaving comments - PeterT

Just showing that you can leave a comment!

Use headings to show threading:

  • a new topic should have a heading with two equals signs (like this one has)
  • a response to a new topic should have a heading with three equal signs (like the Re: Twitchspeed Generation below)
  • a response to a response to a new topic should have a heading with four equal signs ...

27-Jul-05 11:39 BST - Twitchspeed Generation - Wellfan

This is my first post here - please be gentle with me! Re: the strapline, I am VERY fond (please don't all shout me down at once!) of the Marc Prensky phrase'Twitchspeed Generation'. When I have spoken at conferences, and quoted him, it is the single time when pens furiously scribble down what I've just said! As a teacher and parent of 2 young kids I can totally identify with him when he says we feed children a diet of 100 mile an hour information on tv, computers and games, yet when they enter a classroom (but not MINE, I hasten to add) we give them the equivalent of depressants. So I like 'Twitchspeed generation' as it does not specify INFORMATION/TECHNOLOGY/DIGITAL etc. as being the important part of the concept.

27-Jul-05 17:57 BST - Re: Twitchspeed Generation - PeterT

I hadn't come across Marc Prensky or the Twitchspeed generation - interesting notion - though perhaps one of the things we need to be trying to do is helping learners to concentrate and stay focussed for increasing periods of time - and the phrase twitchspeed suggests hopping from thing to thing which might not fit well with intense concentration - but then again maybe I am just an old fuddy duddy - I have no problem with the notion of multitasking (reading and watching tv at the same time - which for me means focussing on the book until something interesting happens on the TV and then I focus on that for a bit, then back to the book - I can follow most soaps/dramas in this fashion and still take in what I am reading - so long as it is not too heavy/academic - cos I then need to give it my full attention). So - to what extent is twitchspeed about capacity to deal with multiple channels of input (which might link with notions of multimodality) and to what extent is it about the concentration span (which might be associated with inability to concentrate!)?