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The vision

Children from birth until the age of 14 are taught by a parent, supported by a personal tutor. Personal tutors work with children for a two year period (0 to 2, 3 to 4, 5 to 6, etc). Each tutor oversees the education of 20 children. She plans an individual programme of study for them and supports the parent in educating the child. Tutors work in panels, with seven tutors to a panel (eg one tutor for each of the two year age slots between 0 and 14). The members of a panel provide eachother with professional support and provide continuity for the children as they move from tutor to tutor. A parent from each family is paid to educate their children until the youngest child reaches the age of 14. Tutors, parents and children have access to a wide range of resources, including teaching materials (which are produced centrally/nationally) and facilities within the local community (eg community centre, sports facilities, specialist equipment, etc).


This model is described in detail in two books by John Adcock:

Adcock, John (1994) In Place Of Schools: a novel plan for the 21st Century, London: New Education Press Ltd. (ISBN 0946947627)

Adcock, John (2000) Teaching Tomorrow: personal tuition as an alternative to school, Nottingham: Education Now Books. (ISBN 1871526442)
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