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This is a first draft, lots more work to do yet.

What is it?

It's a page summarising all the data collected on activity on the island.

How does it work?

There are sensor scripts in some of the features around the island, these sweep periodically and record the position of any avatars nearby (in a very similar way to a radar). When the sensors have saved up lots of data they send it to a database hosted in the real world. All sorts of crazy statistics are then done and a summary page give an overview of activity on the island. It is currently hosted on on olly's server ( and will, hopefully, be migrated to something more stable soon.

Where are the sensors?

The sensors are strewn around the island They scan once every five minutes, so it is possible that you are online for 4:59 and then log off and it will miss you, equally so you could log on and be sensed in one second. With this in mind the sensors can be thought to have a temporal resolution of five minutes.

Explanation of features

The date range is the range of data fetched from the data base, there are three options (last 24 hours, last week, ever), all of the plottings on the page will adjust themselves to this date range.

The bird's eye view of the island has an overplotting of circles where people have been. The heat map is under development and will show this data in a nicer way.

The data on the right hand side is a small selection of interesting stuff; unique visitors shows how many unique visitors have been there; the most frequent visitor is the one who has the most number of entries in the data base (usually trixxiee); the total combined time spent online asumes that each time someone is entered in the data base they can be assumed to be online for five minutes; the most popular place is based upon which sensor picks you up (they are all named).

The list of 'who' shows when the last time people were online.

The bottom right graph shows the number of entries in the data base with a one hour resolution. This plot is similar to cumulative time spent in world by everyone in that hour.