Second Life Who's Who

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People from schome based on Schome Base or Cetlment

Schomer Simpson 120x120 06-10-28.gif Schomer Simpson

Pinkhair.png Jacquie Sholokhov

Euphloozie vostok.jpg Euphloozie Vostok

Woop1.jpg Woop Superior

Zed.png Zed Zhao


And, from the OU Digilab
Digital librarian: Kayla Vielle
Digilab avatar: Digi May

Mark sl.png Redmark Hax

Sun Mercier.jpg Anesa - Sun Mercier

Fox-Marie.png Marie (below)

Faji.png Faji Tulip

Nogbad.jpg Nogbad VanDornan

Martin Pattle