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This timeline currently focuses on Phases Two and Three of the Schome Park Programme, and on the events that followed.


Closed phase

20-21 November 2008 ReLive conference

Schome staff meet up at the ReLive conference at the Open University, organised by the conference organising committee, with strong representation from many of those involved with Schome, including a lot of very hard work by Amba! Thank you Amba, for raising the profile of Schome!

18 November 2008 My Schome

Second edition of MySchome magazine is out.

13 October 2008 Y Factor success

Y Factor team come second in the national competition.

3 October Space team at national final

The space team travelled to Glasgow for the national final, where they came third.

3 July Space visits

The Space team visited the Open University and Surrey Satellite.

Phase Three: Schome Alpha and Schome Beta

31 May 2008 Island closes

Closing party.

23-25 May 2008 Regatta

Third Schome Park sailing regatta.

12 May 2008 Skinningrove Jetty

Students from Freebrough College build a life-like replica of the Skinningrove Jetty.

7 May 2008 SpARTan events

First of several events organised by the SpARTans - a flight to the moon. Videos of all SpARTan events can be viewed on the SchomePark YouTube channel.

30 April 2008 Murder of a Gentleman machinima

First version of the Murder of a Gentleman machinima.

28 April 2008 MySchome magazine

First issue of MySchome magazine available for download.

26 April 2008 Spomers

Introduction of a third category of members. Spomers are aged over 18, but are not members of staff.

5 April 2008 Schome Alpha split up

Schome Alpha was split into plots in order to remove the need for planning permission.

4 April 2008 Savvy Avvies

Creation of fashion and design group, the Savvy Avvies.

29 March 2008 Space success

SCHOME - Spectroscopy, Climate and Habitability from Orbital Measurement of Earthshine - got through to the finals of the space competition organised by the British National Space Centre!

24 March 2008 Easter Egg challenge

KitKatKid introduced a week-long in-world Easter Egg challenge.

15 March 2008 Steam museum

Steam put in a planning application for a steam engine museum.

12 March 2008 Anniversary

Anniversary of the opening of Schome Park.

1 March 2008 Space competition

The space team submitted their competition entry.

23 February 2008 J8 Competition

Work began on an entry for the J8 international competition.

16 February 2008 Archaeology sessions

The Time Explorers discussed underwater archaeology.

2 February 2008 Prim crisis

Schome Alpha reaches its prim limit - Sparkers take action and delete 5000 prims.

26 January 2008 Official opening and party

A few days after the actual opening, to allow time to prepare the party.

25 January Interactive art project

Initial briefing session for the project.

22 January 2008 Opening of Alpha and Beta

Also this week, introduction of Profiles tool developed by Kathy.

Between phase two and phase three

January 2008 Forum contact

While the islands are closed, Schome members stay in contact via the Forum, and new members from the West Coast of America begin to introduce themselves.

Phase Two: Spii

16 December 2007 Phase Two closes

Closed for a Christmas break and redevelopment.

December Edublogs award nominee

Schome Park came second in the 'Best Educational Use of a Virtual World 2007' category.

9 December 2007 Helium atom

Explo creates a helium atom, down to quark level.

8 December 2007 Revolution!

Staff are kicked out and the SParkers party :-)

2 December 2007 Second island begins to take shape

The second island causes havoc - even bumping two Sparkers off Schome and into Metaverse! Dudefish visits the new restricted-access island on his Motorpig

21 November 2007 Popgun game

View pictures of the game on Yankee's Flickr account

20 November 2007 Hindenburg machinima

First version of the Hindenburg machinima goes on show.

19 November 2007 Teachers TV film on Schome Park

There is a link to the finished tv programme from the Schome Park YouTube channel.

18 November 2007 Schome calendar goes online

Calendar courtesy of Mars.

29 October 2007 Americans join SPii

Associated with the first widespread use of voice chat on SPii.

12-14 October 2007 Regatta

The Second Schome regatta.

7 October 2007 Staff introduce new sandbox zone

A controversial decision.

5 October 2007 Celebration of Siobhan's life

Including fireworks.

29 September 2007 Community learns of Siobhan's death

Group meeting for reflection in the Japanese pagoda.

18 July 2007 Not-a-pub-quiz

a one off quiz event

13 July 2007 Sudoku challenge

With a series of sudoku boards.

15 June 2007 SPii opens

Schome Park version two (SPii) is opened by Liony and begins with a party.

15 May 2007 Schome Park redesign begins

Work begins on redesigning Schome Park. New builds include Scholympus and the café. The Japanese garden is redeveloped and a beach is added.