Schome Publicity Pictures

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Press/Publicity Pictures

important note for contributors: please include large size as well as small version images. I've been asked for some images today and I am told they need high resolution versions, so 1024x768 are the best. Smaller than this are good for on screen presentations but not so useful for printouts. Cheers! Mark Sparker 12 July 2007.

SPii's Blue Mango from the river
A game of chess in progress
Ethics and Philosophy session
"How many people can we get on a lounger" - a game of teamwork
The first meeting in Schome Park
"Here comes the bride" - the first Schome Park wedding
Staff meeting at the A.I. emporium
Students at a climate change lecture
London's mini ice-age - the climate change lecture
Observing the TRUTHS satellite
Interacting with a chatbot
Discussing Schome Park research
A view from the A.I. tower