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What is a buddy

When new folk join the Schome Park community they need to pair up with an experienced member of the community who can show them the ropes - this experienced member of the Schommunity is your buddy.

Why do I need one

Like any community SPii has build up a set of unwritten rules and conventions - your buddy can help explain these to you as well as being a friendly face who can show you around the island and introduce you to other people.

Your buddy can also explain how best to use the wiki and forum alongside Second Life. They can tell you where to find information about events that are scheduled to take place in SPii and how you can get involved. They can also help you sort out any of the misunderstandings that might arise as you get used to being part of the Schommunity.

Ok - so the bottom line is we won't let you into SPii until you have sorted out your buddy!

Who can be a buddy

Buddies are experienced members of the Schome Park community - that means that they have:

  • been active in Schome Park for at least 3 months and/or have spent over 50 hours on Schome Park
  • made an active contribution to the forum (eg have posted messages and entered into discussions)
  • made an active contribution to the wiki (eg edited or created pages - including but going beyond their own userpage)

Buddies are all members of a group called The Hawaiian Shirts - in the forum it will say The Hawaiian Shirts just under their name on the left of any message they have posted.

The current members of The Hawaiian Shirts are:

  • achilles
  • Aston
  • baso
  • Decimus
  • explo
  • Faz
  • flio
  • Hapno
  • JinxyPinxy
  • Kali
  • Liony
  • marko
  • marsbar9
  • Mirage
  • Numerius
  • Professor
  • TibbyFairy
  • topper
  • trixxiee
  • Vibia
  • wheelo

How do I organise my buddy

To sort out your buddy you should post a message in the SPii Buddies discussion board saying that you need a buddy and telling folk a little bit about yourself (but remembering to stick within the AUP - so only ever use your avatar name, and keep secret all personal info such as your address, where you go to school and your email/MSN details, etc.).

Once you have agreed with one of The Hawaiian Shirts that they will be your buddy you then need to add your names to the list of buddy pairs below. If you are not sure how to do that then ask your buddy to explain it (but don't let them do it for you)!

A list of current buddy pairs

DaRkStAr Sk8Ater Schomer

Buddy's username

Emodalek Vibia
Dudefish Achilles
lizit Daisy
FI (TheKid) Kali
Eli Aston
Martin SParker Explo Schomer
Pigment Schomer Marsbar9 Schomer
Sem Schomer Wheelo Schomer
Patelio Schomer Achilles Schomer
Edi Schomer Faz
Hammo37 Schomer Topper Schomer
DroidPacoon Schomer Decimus Schomer
Sheniqua Schomer Spiral Schomer
KitKatKid Schomer marsbar9 Schomer
XxlovexX Schomer Topper Schomer
Crypto001 Schomer