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Lessons learnt

Bandwidth issues

We did not anticipate that there would be bandwidth issues for staff working on the project. However, for at least one organisation there is a huge surge in the use of their network at lunchtimes, which means that accessing Teen Second Life becomes almost impossible. This mirrors the problems that we have experienced when asking schools to get children to fill in on-line questionnaires (for example as part of the ICT Testbed project) - if large numbers of children are all trying to access the internet at the same time within school then they often run into bandwidth problems (add ref to BroadBand and TestBed reports).


  • Names too similar to email addresses (even if not like their real name)
  • Self-deprecating names (eg Brainless)
  • Playing the game (eg Admin Schomer)
  • All lower-case (students don't seem to mind??)