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(Week Starting Monday 15 October 07)
(Week Starting Monday 15 October 07)
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|Wednesday 17 October
|Wednesday 17 October
|7-8pm Elsa

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Titanic meeting the Thursday at 7pm.

Events you may wish to take part in:

This Week There Is Undergoing Several Archiving Events Click Archive Titanic Organisation

Week Starting Monday 8 October 07

Date Time
Monday 8 October All day Hapno's birthday
Tuesday 9 October evening CSI Schome Park: contact Faz for details
Wednesday 10 October 8pm Get together for 'new folk' - take 'new folk' to include everyone who has joined the community since June 2007 - though like most events in Schome Park everyone is welcome to come along and join in. Amba will be supporting the organisation of this event ...
Thursday 11 October 7-8 Iceberg right ahead!!!
Machinima filming: "Schitanic"
Friday 12 October 7pm Regatta Fun race
Saturday 13 October 7pm Regatta Long motor time trials
8pm Regatta Short skill race
Sunday 14 October 6.30pm Regatta Long skill race
7pm Regatta Short motor time trials
8pm Regatta Open race
8.30pm Regatta Prizes and dancing

Week Starting Monday 15 October 07

Date Time
Monday 15 October BST
Tuesday 16 October BST
Wednesday 17 October 7-8pm Elsa
Thursday 18 October 8pm BST Induction session in the Newcomer's Arena
Friday 19 October BST
Saturday 20 October BST
Sunday 21 October BST

Week Starting Monday 22 October 07

Date Time
Monday 22 October
Tuesday 23 October
Wednesday 24 October
Thursday 25 October
Friday 26 October
Saturday 27 October
Sunday 28 October

Schome Park Events archive