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* Decimus Schomer
* Decimus Schomer
* Baso Scomer
* Baso Scomer

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During the first couple of weeks in SchomePark, some of the SParkers and staff have been talking about how things should be run and how decisions should be made. Some people have posted on the forum about it - talking about the idea of a student-run "government" to make decisions, and wondering how disputes should be resolved. At the Building meeting in the auditorium on March 21st, 19.00, the idea was raised that a "governance group" could be formed where people who were interested could chat about ideas and maybe propose some ways forward.

This is a group open to anybody interested, add your name below.

  • TheSchome Ranger
  • Trixxiee Schomer
  • Wintermute Schomer
  • Topper Schomer
  • Aston Schomer
  • Mirage Schomer
  • achilles schomer
  • Decimus Schomer
  • Baso Scomer
  • mars

PeterT has outlined his vision of the future of SchomePark after the official end of the NAGTY pilot and he's keen to see students keeping the Park running - with as much self-government as possible. So this is a really important group.

How should SchomePark be run? right now the support staff are making all the decisions but they are keen to step back and get the students taking on more decision making roles. Should the staff just choose students? or should students choose by having a vote? What roles should there be? How long should somebody stay in that role? What happens if somebody takes on a role and they don't take it seriously? Probably a lot of these decisions can be made by looking at other groups and organisations and using their structures so we don't have to operate in a complete vacuum here - but what route should we take?