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If you want to give people more information about an event, or need folk to sign up for an event because of restricted numbers then copy this template sign-up page and put a link to it from your event info below. Event pages should be called 'SchomeBase eventname date' (where you leave out the ' and replace event name with the name of the event and date with the date the event will take place).

Please see the notes on posting listed on the discussion tab. Details of past events are stored in the SchomeBase Events Archive.
Activity and Discussion Groups can be browsed here.

Please note: If you intend to use the transcript/chatlog from any sessions, eg publish them on the wiki, please make sure you have the permission of all those involved before doing so.

Week Starting Mon 8 September 2008

Date Time Event Location Organiser
Mon 08 Sep
Tue 09 Sep 8pm BST Science Discussion Group

See the science chat page for details (at the location,go up the steps, 2 flights, and into the nOUbie centre. We will be on the ground floor to the left).

Open Life Becka Finesmith
Wed 10 Sep 6:30-8:30 OU Library comes to town- this event is specifically for OU students and is a chance to meet with OU librarians and discuss what sort of services could/should be available inworld Open Life Elsa Dickins
Digi May
Thu 11 Sep
Fri 12 Sep Luau Hawaiian Beach Party On the beach at Open Life Elsa Dickins
Sat 13 Sep
Sun 14 Sep

Week Starting Mon 15 September 2008

Date Time Event Location Organiser
Mon 15 Sep 8pm A chat about the future of SchomeBase and Open Life Open Life Elsa and Schomer
Tue 16 Sep
Wed 17 Sep 8.00pm BST "The Challenge" Group - A collaboration to build European Space Exploration vehicle Models. We will meet in the nOUbie centre on the top floor where the workshop is located. Open Life Becka Finesmith
Thu 18 Sep 8.00pm BST nOUbie centre group - updates on progress for the nOUbie centre. Open Life Becka Finesmith
Fri 19 Sep
Sat 20 Sep
Sun 21 Sep

Week Starting Mon 22 September 2008

Date Time Event Location Organiser
Mon 22 Sep
Tue 23 Sep 19:00 International best-selling author Isabel Losada joins us inworld to talk about life, love and changing the world TBC Elsa Dickins
Wed 24 Sep
Thu 25 Sep
Fri 26 Sep
Sat 27 Sep
Sun 28 Sep

Week Starting Mon 29 September 2008

Date Time Event Location Organiser
Mon 29 Sep
Tue 30 Sep
Wed 1 Oct
Thu 2 Oct
Fri 3 Oct
Sat 4 Oct
Sun 5 Oct