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Re-developing SchomeBase

It was agreed back in September that we would make changes to SchomeBase and OpenLife in order to sort out some of what might be called 'branding issues'. This work is now starting - find out more ...

SchomeBase events

Check out all the scheduled activities on SchomeBase - all events are open to everyone who is interested in exploring ways of learning (which might inform our thinking about schome (not school - not home - schome - the education system for the information age)

You can find more about our activities on the SchomeBase bliki or by joining the SchomeBase discussions

About SchomeBase

SchomeBase is our island in the Main Grid of Second Life virtual world - used by the Schommunity to help us extend our thinking about visions for schome. You can get to it via this slurl and/or check out:

Schome People

  • PeterT
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What should I do?

Updating this wiki
Did you know that if you are a registered user on the wiki you also have a user page? Just click on your name on the top right of the screen!

Using the wiki

Logging in to the wiki and the forum - use your schome community forum username and password to login to both the wiki and the forum. When registering for the first time for the forum or wiki you should use the forum registration system.

What is Schome?


Schome is going to be a new form of educational system designed to overcome the problems within current education systems. It will meet the needs of society and individuals in the twenty-first century and will be a system which values and supports people learning throughout their lives. Join us.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." R. Buckminster Fuller

Schome and Second Life


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