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Schome Park was Schome's area in Second Life. Made up of two islands, Schome Park Alpha and Schome Park Beta, the islands were used for educational activities and a way for schome to experiment with new education systems. Student residents on the islands were called Schomers, and staff supporting them were called SParkers.

The project began in April 2007, and was originally funded by the National Association for Gifted and Talented Youth (NAGTY) and BECTA. After the initial pilot there was strong evidence that the students who had engaged within the closed 'Schome Park' island enhanced their knowledge age skills, and the environment offered affordances that other media lack.

To continued working with the students schome closed the island for a few weeks, and in that time the staff redesigned the island (there was only one island up until the beginning of phase 3) and allowed more spaces for the students to develop and take over certain aspects of the island. This proved successful, and the Schomers set up a government. You can find out more about the government here.

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