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|Aston Schomer||TibbyFairy Schomer|| Topper Schomer
|Aston Schomer||TibbyFairy Schomer|| Topper Schomer

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General Affairs

Welcome to the General Affairs wiki page. We are ready to help with any issues our department can help with. Please follow this link to the general affairs sub-forum here or edit below.

The general affairs officers

Topper Schomer

TibbyFairy Schomer

Aston Schomer

Our job

Our job is to deal with anything that 'pops up' we deal with the day to day running of the island. We will try and help with any thing you bring up you just send us a PM or add a comment below and we'll do our best to help. We will also aim to bring up anything you want us to bring up at the open parliament if you can't make it.

How can we help?

If you leave your comments below we'll try and help.

The General Affairs team

General Affairs Department

Aston.png TibbyFairy.JPG Topper.png
Aston Schomer TibbyFairy Schomer Topper Schomer
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