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We are:

Building/Planning Department

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We will:

  • Hold meetings on planning permissions, building tips and general building awarness meetings
  • Help people
  • Ensure the smooth running of the buildings - aiming to get continuity with public designs

What we've asked for and what we've got you!

  • New sandbox for the new comers to experiment with
  • Experiment area up in the sky
  • Scho-op resources etc

Our links to the wiki and forum

Planning on planning permission? Copy and paste this in a new thread on our child board (see above)

Remember to include the following things when applying for planning permission:

  • Your name
  • What you wish to have the chance to build
  • Where you want it to be (either by an existing feature, e.g. Scholympia, or at a specific altitude)
  • Why it will benefit the island and the community
  • What its purpose will be
  • How big (approx) it will be
  • A picture/design if you have one

Planning Permission Regulations

Well, a pile of beauracracy to load you all down with, but first I'll give a quick summary of my understanding of the regulations (copied from a post to Peter T):

When a person wishes to build something permanent in-world, or on a temporary basis longer than maybe a day (specifying which builds are the responsibility of the building and planning permission department is something that needs to be done fully, really) they must apply for permission, regardless of whether it is a personal build, what height it is at, what purpose the build fulfills etc. There will then be a discussion and most likely a poll, though if there are no objections or suggested improvements it may automatically pass. For builds <150m there must then be a discussion on the design that is to be used and if there are any objections or suggested alternatives there will be a poll. Builds >150m do not really require this discussion on the design as they will not be seen from the outside, but if there are objections a discussion will be set up and a vote if appropriate, such as when there is an alternative design suggested. This also applies to builds <150m and planning permission is always subject to review, if such a review is asked for.

There is also the option of sand box builds. These do not require permission and are a chance to try out new ideas and see how designs look before applying for planning permission. However, they can only remain for 14 days, though this time can be extended if no one objects. The build must be made at ground level if at all possible to ensure that we know where all the builds are, but can be built >150m if the sand box is too small for the build, or is full. Sand box builds are not a way of getting around planning regulations-they are an opportunity to play around before going through the full bureaucracy. Please keep these builds sensible-so no 200m monstrosities.

Where a build is started before planning permission is applied for, a DO who notices the build will automatically register an objection against the concept and as such a thread will be started applying for what is termed post hoc planning permission. This will pass through the normal routes of planning permission, with a discussion leading on to a poll if there is an objection to the build. If a design is built before permission has been applied for, where the concept has received permission, a DO will automatically register an objection to the design and this will follow through the same procedures, with a discussion and possible poll. It must also be clarified that where planning permission has not yet been agreed, but is in the process, the same procedures will be used, except using the thread already in existence.

Another key point is that anyone can register an objection against a build in-world, based on either the concept or the design, at which point the build will have to go under a review of planning permission, with a discussion and possibility of a poll as though planning permission was being applied for from scratch. Importantly, objections can be raised on the design of builds >150m as well as on the concept.

In short, all builds require some form of planning permission to be built in-world, or stay in-world in the case of post hoc planning permission. The only difference for builds >150m is that they do not require a discussion or a poll on the design-they still need to receive permission for the concept. Anyone can raise an objection with any build and a review will be started. A DO will automatically raise an objection against a build without planning permission with the review that entails.

Planning Permission

   * Is given through a consultation and poll, with suggestions given in-thread
   * Is seperated into permission for the concept (the purpose etc) and the design
   * Can be applied for after a design is built in-world, but should be sought before building


   * Require 10 votes or more to be valid
   * 2 to 1 should be the required majority once the poll time has elapsed before further steps are taken
   * This system requires improvement when many designs are in the poll, please make suggestions on the forum

Builds Below 150m

   * Require planning permission for both aspects of the 
   * Builds in areas such as the beach, the volcano, and (if we get one) the eco-system, will be far more regulated
   * Builds should be sympathetic to the area, with the emphasis on suitability rather than identical builds
   * Holodeck facilities should be used where appropriate (such as a games area)
   * Sandbox builds are temporary, and planning permission must be sought for permanent builds

Builds Above 150m

   * Do not require permission for the design
   * Still require planning permission for the concept of the build, its purpose etc

Sandbox Builds

   * Are any build in the area inside or above the sand box (approx 140,90)
   * Can only remain for 14 days, though this can be extended
   * Must be built at ground level if at all possible
   * Can be built >150m if the ground level sand box is full or the build is too large
   * Do not require planning permission until 14 days have passed

Build Removal

   * A build will be removed if it has failed to receive planning permission
   * Warnings will be given in-world, through IM, and the forum
   * Only if these initial warnings are not heeded will further measures be taken
   * Builds should never be deleted, only returned

The Role of Department Officers

   * Is not to control planning permission, but to organise it
   * Anyone can raise an objection to any build, or can ask a DO to do so
   * DOs will also keep a list of builds with permission, in the process of getting permission etc
   * The wiki will be useful for this-please use it and look at it regularly

Approved Builds

First, some quick description. + is a footnote, with ++ being a second footnote and so on. Where the poll is described as (4/5) it is 4 for the build and 5 against. Where it is (4/5/6) it is 4 for a permanent build, 5 for a temporary build, and 6 against. For other formats, please visit the page in question. Builds <150m must have their position described, whereas builds >150m needn't.

This list is quite small at present but should grow:

Builds in application:

Proposed Votes (For/Against) Position
Castle Not on Poll <150m SW on island

Approved Builds:

Passed Votes (For/Against) Position
Experimentation Platform (9/0) >150m
Chess/Games Area (10/0) "out of the way"
Marina (12/0) <150m Natural harbour area
Assault course (0/0/3/2) + <150 Central and >150
Zen garden (11/1) <150
Scho-Op/Second Steps (5/2/2/2) <150m Varies on design ++
Lighthouse (3/4/0)+++ <150m NW on island
The Catacombs (12/1) >150m
Media Room (3/7/0/1) South-Central
Skate park No objections >150m
Forest No objections Undecided
Skittle Alley No objections >150m

+ concept approved with design on poll
++ currently at edge of island, next to Scholympus
+++ discussion in meeting with no objections

Unauthorised Builds

Description Owner Position
Platform remnants Faz 190,150,600
Miscellanious Spiral/Eli SParker 130,148,253
Media Room designs Mars 200,130,160
House Liony 120,180,350
TARDIS Baso ~upper gallery, ~sea
SO/SS Design 7 Mars 150,150,35

Prim Counts by the building DO’s

Date of Count Prims used Count by
15/06/07 3053 User:Marsbar9 Schomer
22/06/07 4868 User:Marsbar9 Schomer
29/06/07 6013 User:Marsbar9 Schomer
6/7/07 6690 User: Marsbar9 Schomer
13/07/07 8408 User:Marsbar9 Schomer
20/07/06 9327 User:Marsbar9 Schomer
26/07/07 10523 User:Marsbar9 Schomer
3/08/07 11064 Katharine Schomer (Who isn't related to the department)
10/08/07 11545 User:Marsbar9 Schomer

(Automated prim counts)

Official Warnings to SParkers.

There are three stages to warnings, Stage one being the worst and three being the odd prims left here and there. If someone gets to Stage one, I think action needs to be taken. I don't like the fact we need this, but for the greater good of the island... here goes...

Type of Warning Given To Reason