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We would like to arrange an outreach event for people involved in the SNP so that we can all meet up and chat about how we are finding using SL, etc.

Please add your name below if you are interested and the area of the country you live in.

Could you also add how easy you'd find it to get to a meeting in Milton Keynes? Milton Keynes is on the West Coast main line from Glasgow to London. There are direct bus links to Oxford and Cambridge. It's also right by the M1, so is handy for National Express buses and anyone who can persuade their parents to drive them to the meeting.

  • Trixxiee - SE - Very easy to meet in Milton Keynes, living very near it
  • Aston
  • Kali - NW
  • Wheelo Schomer - SE
  • Explo- Central
  • Mars
  • Hapno (AKA, HHH, HH, H,Hanibal etc etc) - SW - Not very easy
  • Decimus - NW - Easy (only about 1.5h drive), but depends on the date
  • Vibia SW
  • TibbyFairy Schomer - E (not so easy to get to Milton Keynes, I'm in the East of England right on the coast, but I'd try and see if I could make it if it runs. Very interested in the event.)