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The SlamDram Luvvies present Cinderella!

Entertainment, but not as you know it!

Cast List

Cinderella: Eshala
Ugly sister 1: Breen
Ugly sister 2: Rocky
Step mother: Titiana
Buttons: Strangie
Prince Charming: Minnie
Dandini: Becka
Fairy Godmother: Elsa
Course companion: Kickaha
Dance instructor: Quentin
Narrator: Elsbeth

Please IM Elsa or PsiRan if you would like to be considered for chorus/small speaking parts.


The basic rehearsal schedule is Mondays at 8pm. Other days/times will be added as and when needed. Not all cast members will be needed for every rehearsal so please observe the list below:


Monday 6th October at 8pm - Cinderella, Buttons and Course Companion


Please arrange a day/time on an individual basis with Elsa to go shopping!
Rough requirements as follows:


 Servant dress
Ball gown
Wedding dress

Ugly sister 1
Ugly sister 2
Step mother

 2 day outfits each
Ball gown each


 day outfit
wedding outfit

Prince Charming

 hunting costume
ball outfit
day outfit
wedding outfit


 same as Prince but with less glitz (sorry Becka)

Fairy Godmother

 3 ballgowns


 day outfit
wedding/finale outfit