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>''day outfit''<br>
>''day outfit''<br>
>''wedding/finale outfit''<br>
>''wedding/finale outfit''<br>
Dance Instructor<br>
>''Eighties dance outfit''<br>

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The SlamDram Luvvies present Cinderella!

Entertainment, but not as you know it!

Cast List

Cinderella: Eshala
Ugly sister 1: Breen
Ugly sister 2: Rocky
Step mother: Titiana
Buttons: Strangie
Prince Charming: Minnie
Dandini: Becka
Fairy Godmother: Elsa
Course companion: Kickaha
Dance instructor: Quentin
Narrator: Elsbeth

Please IM Elsa or PsiRan if you would like to be considered for chorus/small speaking parts.


The basic rehearsal schedule is Mondays at 8pm. Other days/times will be added as and when needed. Not all cast members will be needed for every rehearsal so please observe the list below:


Monday 6th October at 8pm - Cinderella, Buttons and Course Companion


Please arrange a day/time on an individual basis with Elsa to go shopping!
Rough requirements as follows:

>Servant dress
>Ball gown
>Wedding dress
Ugly sister 1
Ugly sister 2
Step mother
>1 day outfit each
>Ball gown each
>Wedding outfit each
>day outfit (bellboy)
>wedding outfit
Prince Charming
>ball outfit
>day outfit
>wedding outfit
>same as Prince but with less glitz (sorry Becka)
Fairy Godmother
>3 ballgowns
>day outfit
>wedding/finale outfit
Dance Instructor
>Eighties dance outfit