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The nOUbie Welcome Centre is located on Schomebase and was created to provide information, help and guidance to Open University group members inworld.

I'm assuming that 'Open University group members' is being interpreted broadly - and includes anyone who is a member of the Schome Educators group as well. ;O) PeterT 11:51, 12 July 2008 (BST)

NOoubie Centre.jpg

The Inaugural meeting was held on July 10th 2008 and a basic framework was set for the facilities that would be available.


  • The proposed name of the centre was “The nOUbie centre”. The group liked this and it was generally adopted. The centre will have some sort of identification added to the building to reflect this.
Good name - so long as it isn't seen as excluding other folk who are legitimately using SchomeBase - ie all members of the Schome Educators group (pretty much anyone who is interested in helping make Schome a reality) PeterT 11:54, 12 July 2008 (BST)
  • A “Buddy Board”. A board in the centre that will have images of volunteer “buddies” and their online/offline status. This would invite visitors to “page” those online if they either needed help or wanted some guidance. During the meeting, snapshots were taken of those who volunteered but others would be welcome.
   Note: This would need to include some information about how to page a buddy who isn’t on your friends list. 	
  • Video Tutorials
  • Downloadable, short and concise guides to various essential “skills”. These should be written by group members to make it more relevant to the OU Island. Perhaps included in some sort of “Cybrary” in the nOUbie building.
  • Some interactive island “Walk through”. The idea would be that one would have a notecard guided tour of the island. It was felt that the idea needed to be developed further before the way this worked would clear.
  • Some Freebies! So New residents can obtain an inventory of items that will get them started on the island. This can include, but not be limited to Clothes, Furniture and Landmarks of interest.
Which we could let people 'buy' for nothing from the Scho-Op PeterT 11:56, 12 July 2008 (BST)
  • A “Suggestion box” where residents can make comments and request new things
  • A new system of teleporter in the centre. Possibly based on a 3D map of the island to orientate new residents.
  • A database of Inworld Skills. These would not only be the usual things such as building and scripting but RL skills that can translate in SL. For example, Planning, team working etc. This may lead to some sort of economy where people earn points/lindens for skills exchanging.
  • A regular resident induction event where new residents can just turn up and have a short introduction to the island, its residents and its aims. This could also include some visits and practical demonstrations of how to do things.
  • A variety of notice boards where suggested but this seem to come down to an “Events calendar”. Maybe clickable to provide comprehensive notecards about the event and its location.
Within the Schome Park Programme we used an events page in the wiki - check out Schome Park Events (actually you need to go to the Schome Park Events archive) - we could use a similar approach here ... PeterT 11:59, 12 July 2008 (BST)

From Martin Le Voi:

I've created an events calendar in Google Calendar for Open University UK SL Events:

If you use Google Calendar, you can find it as a public calendar and add it to your feeds.

Is this a good way to make our events public? It has these advantages:

1 It converts times to your set local time

2 It can be integrated with the many other Second Life Events calendars on Google Calendar

3 We can embed the calendar in a web page

--Martin Le Voi 17:23, 12 July 2008 (BST)

  • Faculty representation. Science are currently being consulted about other things at the moment so this faculty seemed the obvious starting point.
  • A directory of who is studying what. This would enable those studying the same or similar courses to discuss/share experiences. It would allow others wishing to take a particular course to find out firsthand what that course offered and maybe foster an informal “study buddy” or “study group” system
  • Wiki/Web space which would be a follow-up/supplement to inworld activity that everyone could contribute something towards.
I'm very happy for folk to extend their use of this wiki for supporting learning activities (particularly ones which are schomey in nature) on SchomeBase (and Open Life) - and remember that The SchomeBase bliki is a great way to tell people about events that have happened ... - and if you want somewhere to chat with folk about the use of SchomeBase (bearing in mind that some of them my not have access to FirstClass) then feel free to use the forum PeterT 12:01, 12 July 2008 (BST)

Next meeting

Friday July 18th 2008 at 8pm at the nOUbie centre (SchomeBase, SchomeBase (19, 204, 38)) -