Living and learning safely with the net

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(This is the public version of this course - see the discussion tab for background info)

Please note that this course is in the early stages of development - by all means leap in and help us develop it - indeed part of the plan is that folk studying the course will extend and enhance it - cos we know from experience at the OU that the folk who learn the most are the folk who design the courses rather than the students who study them.

If you want to discuss aspects of the course then post a message in the forum - or feel free to add to the course directly here ...


This section (L2SN overview) provides an introduction to the course.

Web technologies

What are web 2.0 technologies

Follow this link and explore … What are web 2.0 technologies


Ideally this will be an interactive web form that you fill in – when you've finish you will be able to click a button to get a summary of what you need to do next.

As a starting point we may just have to go with a nice table that folk fill in and then work out for themselves where their development needs are ...

Developing your own use

Setting up your course blog

Throughout the course you are expected to reflect on your experiences of studying it - and a blog seems like an appropriate tool given our focus on Web 2.0 technologies.

Link to section telling you how to set up your course blog needs to be added

How do I use x

Developing your own use of web 2.0 technologies

Applications of web technologies

Go explore some examples ... we need to develop a page which provides links to lots of examples

Safety issues

What are the risks

Web safety - what are the risks

Discuss the risks

This will take you to a page that explains what you have to discuss – linked with the key points that you identified in the previous activity.

Supporting learning

We need to develop the pages about this ...

L2SN supporting learning

Frameworks and guidance

We need to develop the pages about this ...

Pulling it all together

This activity needs to be developed, but will be something like: In this task you will reflect upon your own practice and development – referring to relevant frameworks – drawing on the activities throughout the course.

  • Starting point = original audit
  • Reflections upon my own development (my blog)
  • 3 safety issues, legislative frameworks and your personal/professional context (a compendium map)
  • Supporting learning