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*[[What are web 2.0 technologies?]]
[[What are web 2.0 technologies?]]
*[[Developing your own use of web 2.0 technologies]]
[[Developing your own use of web 2.0 technologies]]
*[[Web safety - what are the risks?]]

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Parents and professionals working with learners of all ages. Eg teachers, youth workers, educational professionals, students, early years practitioners, adult educators, ...


By the end of the course you will have an understanding of web technologies and how to use them safely ad effectively.


Knowledge and Understanding

  • To understand current and emerging web technologies and their applications
  • To understand the educational and collaborative potential of web technologies
  • To understand the issues related to safety and the need to safeguard users
  • To have knowledge and understandings of relevant legislative frameworks

Cognitive skills

  • Applying your knowledge and understanding to the safe use of the web in a range of contexts
  • To be able to describe, analyse and synthesise knowledge relevant to the effective use of web technologies

Key skills

  • Learning how to learn
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Critically evaluating and using information

Practical and professional skills

  • To have developed your practical and professional competence in using web technologies
  • To be able to locate and critically apply relevant legislative frameworks
  • To demonstrate creativity in applying web technologies safely in your personal and/or professional contexts
  • To demonstrate an awareness of relevant ethical issues