Linden Lab's Teen Second Life 'Commandments'

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Teen Second Life: Community Standards

Within Second Life, we support Residents in shaping their specific experiences and making their own choices. The Teen Second Life Community Standards sets out ten standards, the Big Ten, which must be followed by all Residents of Teen Second Life. Please read them carefully. If you break the rules your account may be suspended or banished from Second Life.

The Big 10 - Teen Second Life Community Standards

The goals of the Community Standards are simple: enjoy a safe, fun Second Life experience and always treat each other with respect.

The Teen Second Life Community Standards apply to all teen community areas of Teen Second Life, the Second Life Teen Forums, and the Teen Second Life Website. You should also take a look at the Terms of Service for more information about other actions that could result in account suspension or banning.

1. Respect Your Fellow Residents

Teen Second Life is a global community of teens from all over the world. While you're here you'll meet many teens from diverse backgrounds who may have different points of view than you do about everything from the best bass guitar player of all time to more serious things like politics and religion. Teen Second Life is a great place to exchange ideas and debate issues, but you should not do so in a mean or belittling way. You should never use derogatory or demeaning language, images, or actions against another Resident because of their race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, religion, sexual preference, or disability.

2. Stay Anonymous

We want our teen Residents to enjoy a fun and safe online environment. Enjoying a safe Second Life means you should never reveal anything about your First Life that could allow someone to locate you offline. Things you should never tell anyone while you're in Teen Second Life include your real full name, your parents' names, your home address, your school name or location, your phone/mobile numbers, or social security & credit card numbers.

3. Keep Your Password to Yourself

It's important to keep your Teen Second Life password a secret, even from your very best friends and your siblings (sharing it with your parents is okay). If you give your password to someone they will have access to all of your account information and your inventory items. Not to mention, you'll be held responsible for anything they do while using your account. Linden Lab employees will never ask you for your password.

4. Respect Residents' Privacy

Residents are entitled to certain degree of privacy with regard to their Second Lives. Sharing personal information about a fellow Resident -- including gender, religion, age, race, sexual preference, and real-world location is a violation of that Resident's privacy. Remotely monitoring conversations, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without consent are all prohibited in Teen Second Life and on the Second Life Teen Forums.

5. Keep It Clean

All content, communication, and behavior in Teen Second Life should follow "PG" guidelines. This means no strong vulgar language or expletives, no nudity or sexual content, and no depictions of sex or strong violence. Remember, this rule also applies to your Teen Second Life names, texture uploads, places, groups, events and forum posts as well.

6. Don't Harass

Harassment is not allowed in Teen Second Life. Harassment can take many forms, but generally what we mean by this is that you should never communicate or behave in an offensive, intimidating, or threatening way toward another Resident or group of Residents.

7. Don't Assault

Keep the shooting, pushing, and shoving to official "Unsafe" areas like Midway Battlegrounds. Most areas in Teen Second Life are identified as "Safe," which means you can't attack other Residents there. No matter where you are, you should never create or use scripted objects, which single out or target another Resident in a way that takes the fun out of their Second Life.

8. Don't Disturb the Peace

Every Resident has a right to live their Second Life. Disrupting scheduled events, repeated spamming of undesired advertising content, playing sounds over and over, creating following or self-spawning items, or other objects that intentionally slow server performance or inhibit another Resident's ability to enjoy Teen Second Life are examples of Disturbing the Peace.

9. No Global Attacks

Community Standards violations which broadly interfere with or disrupt the Teen Second Life community, the Second Life servers or other systems related to Second Life cannot be tolerated in any form. Such actions will result in a minimum two-week suspension and a review of your account for probable removal from Second Life.

10. Use Alternate Accounts Responsibly

While Residents may choose to play Teen Second Life with more than one account, specifically or consistently using an alternate account to harass other Residents or violate the Community Standards is not acceptable. Misuse of alternate accounts can and will result in disciplinary action on the main account.

Here's What Will Happen If You Break the Rules

Generally, violations of the Teen Community Standards will first result in a Warning. If you continue to break the rules you will receive an Account Strike and a Suspension, which means you'll be temporarily removed from Second Life. We'll let you know when you have received an Account Strike by sending you a notecard and an email. After 3 Account Strikes your Second Life account will be permanently closed. If you use Teen Second Life to participate in anything illegal your account will be closed immediately.

Reporting Abuse

Residents should report violations of Teen Second Life's Community Standards by going to Help > Report Abuse in the in-world tool bar. Every Abuse Report is individually investigated, and the identity of the reporter is kept strictly confidential. If you need immediate assistance, in-world Liaisons are available to help. Look for Residents with the last name Linden.

Teens Only!

Teen Second Life is for ages 13 to 17 only. There is a separate version of Second Life for Residents 18 and over. There is currently no version of Second Life for children ages 12 and under. From time to time, authorized adults will be allowed to enter Teen Second Life to lead educational projects. We will always let you know who they are and what they are doing in Teen Second Life by posting their names and project information in the Announcements thread on the Second Life Teen Forums. If you meet an unauthorized adult or an underage child in Teen Second Life you should report that person by immediately contacting an employee of Linden Lab who all have the last name Linden.

Second Life Staff

You can spot Linden staff members in Second Life by looking for the last name Linden -- every employee of Second Life has this name. The Linden are there to help you learn to build and script as well as to solve in-world problems. You can locate Lindens using the Find menu in-world.

Buyer Beware

We can't review all of the content in Second Life, and we can't promise that everything is what it claims to be. Be careful with your money and ask questions before making deals -- we can't guarantee you a refund if things go wrong!

Go to the SNP acceptable use policy