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Outcomes of Governance Meeting, 2nd April 2007

If there is anything I have missed here, please add it in. I think that further discussion on the forum is necessary.

  • Aim - to work out how the students can rely on the support staff less by running Schome Park themselves and becoming as self-sufficient as possible.
  • Discussed other sorts of ruling - dictatorship, monarchy, communism, etc., but decided that democracy/governments are the most fair and so went with this form of ruling as the best (possibly because it is also the most well-known?)
  • Powers of government:
- after island is open to the TG, it will need deleting powers
- planning permit
- respect
  • Discussed whether the government should have departments like the real government, and decided that this would be the best way to organise everything, so people are responsible for less etc.
  • Departments agreed - Planning/Building, Law Enforcement/Rule-Breaking, Safety, Education, Scripting, General Affairs. Some departments would be allowed deleting powers, for example, others wouldn't.
  • Elected by open nominations and then closed ballot voting - can be on the government for three terms in a row. A leader would be elected, like a Prime Minister
  • Other rules discussed.
- No building on ground level (apart from in the sandbox) without the permission of the Planning Department
- Violence, eg shooting people, in designated areas only, apart from for specific events, eg. reneactments.
  • How to help others in-world discussed, so that the staff are needed less. A list of people who are good at certain things would be put on the wiki, so people know who to contact about a certain thing in-world - anyone can be on the list and they can add themselves. Also, IMing the SParkers1 group for help, offline IMing and offline emailing (like the help button) discussed, but offline emailing decided against.
  • How to sort out disputes discussed - undecided, to be discussed further on the forum
  • Possibly a follow-up meeting to discuss further and also to talk about Ranger's points about sustaining ourselves but being inclusive to everyone etc.