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The Eco Awareness Project Has Been Planned To take Place Soon.

What this project is about is, traching todays community about the acts we can do today, to reduce the effects of Glabal Warming. The Project will show the community working examples of items that we can do, and give information on them.

We are set to be situated in the South West Of Schome Park, on the little Isolated Island!


The Picture of the Plan Will Be Uploaded Shortly!

Would You Be Involved?

If you would like to be involved in this project, then please type your avatar name below, and what you can bring to this project!

  • Topper Schomer - a lot of good links and a progect on it and a eager mind.


The Project kicks off with its first drafts! 26/6/2007

What It Will Involve

All these will have a little bit of space to show information on:

  • Wind farms and wind power
  • Hydro-Electric power
  • recycling part
  • Low energy lights
  • Car sharing
  • Turn off - not standby part
  • Bio mass power
  • Sustainable Energy in urban areas
  • Micro generation


Spiral Schomer

Saving Tomorrows World - Today!