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Headline text

== Builders Meetings== Hosted by marsbar9

There will be builders meetings from now on on a regular basis, maybe not every week, but regular, to assess the state of building within the island and to look towards the future.

The main aims of the meeting will be:

  • Money - what state are we in, why will we need money. Who's using it and who isn't.
  • Prim Count
  • Building in the sky - is it working? How can we improve it
  • Styles of buildings - do we need some sort of continuity throughout the island and sky?
  • Illegal building - how we can tackle it and what should happen to illegal builder
  • Existing private buildings - why do we need private buildings, should we allow people to use up the prim count on themselves? Do any need removing?
  • Existing Public buildings - what state are they in, are they being used effectively and are they necessary? Ie, SkyBase and Mars
  • Looking to the future - planning permissions and future public ideas. Teleport access (eg: mars' teleport room)
  • Any other points to raise?
  • Some sort of team game

Any other ideas

please drop a line to Marsbar9 Schomer