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Transformative Potential of Open Virtual Worlds

Do virtual worlds such as second life have a transformative potential? This presentation by Peter Twining, drawing on experiences of Schome Park, explores the issues. Transformative potential of open virtual worlds.

An overview of the Schome Park Programme

Peter Twining, director of the Schome Park Research Programme gave a presentation on Schome Park at a JISC RSC conference at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, UK. Here, he presents a critical analysis of user experiences and lessons learnt Mistakes we have made.

OUtopia - Open University SL Island

When Schome first ventured into SecondLife, it camped out for a while on The Open University's Cetlment island. Now OUtopia has been announced as the new name for the Open University village on the SL Grid. Read more.

Writing up of Schome Research

We are writing up research from Phases 1-3. Most recently published is A learning community for teens on a virtual island - The Schome Park Teen Second Life Pilot project, which focusses mainly on activities during Phase 1 of the programme. It's also available in Spanish El proyecto piloto Schome Park: una comunidad de aprendizaje para adolescentes en una isla virtual de Second Life. Lots more to look forward to, including a forthcoming book chapter from PeterT and Amba.

Read 'Disrupting Class'

If you are interested in bringing about transformational change in education (or any other complex system) then check out Christensen (2008) Disrupting Class: How disruptive innovation will change the way the world learns. New York: McGrawHill. (Available from Amazon - no I'm not getting a commision). Figure 2.1 on p.46 sums it all up!

Schome in the media

Schome director, Dr Peter Twining is in the news once again. This time, it is in Leon Cych’s blog post (also listed on the Schome in the media page). Leon Cych, or Eyebeams, is of course no stranger to Schome. He introduced himself on the forum in May 2007, and has previously interviewed Peter in December 2006. Forum discussion of blog post.

Schome Park on Teachers' TV

Teachers' TV has launched a programme on the use of virtual worlds which features two groups working within the Schome Park Programme - students and staff from South East Grid for Learning and from the Skinningrove Jetty Project. The programme helps to illustrate how virtual worlds can be used in formal educational contexts to enhance many aspects of learning.

ReLive08 and the importance of community

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The Schome Park Programme works because of the thriving Schome community. We celebrated this in 2008 at the ReLIVE08 conference which had a session devoted to The Schome Park Programme. See more pictures on the Schome wiki, search for the Relive08 tag on Flickr and view the more detailed write-up on the Schome Park bliki.

Skinningrove Jetty

Work on recreating the Skinningrove Jetty began in Schome Park, and is being continued on the Second Life Grid at Sea Turtle Island. A film of the jetty's reopening was screened at the Animex International Animation Festival.

Time Explorers

Time Explorers sessions linked history and archaeology, making connections between the two. Early in 008, the group constructed the layers of a Roman road, carried out a virtual visit to the Caves of Lascaux, built a series of aqueducts and re-enacted the destruction of Pompeii by Vesuvius. The team entered the Y Factor competition and came second in the national finals. View images from Schome Park relating to history and archaeology. View London conference presentation.
Thanks to RM, JDC and Sums Online, sponsors of the Time Explorers' entry into the Y Factor competition for innovative approaches to learning.
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Living and Learning with the Internet

Have a look and help build our online course materials for Living and learning safely with the net with public versions of course resouces and community built material.

SEGfL evaluations published

The South East Grid for Learning, who collaborated in Phases 2 and 3 of the Schome Park Programme, have published two evaluations that may be of interest to teachers (and related educational professionals). Check out:

Updating this wiki

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What is Schome?


Schome is going to be a new form of educational system designed to overcome the problems within current education systems. It will meet the needs of society and individuals in the twenty-first century and will be a system which values and supports people learning throughout their lives. Join us.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." R. Buckminster Fuller

Schome and Second Life


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