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What is Schome?

Schome was envisaged as being a system that would support people learning throughout their lives, from the cradle to the grave. Unlike other initiatives to transform education the Schome Initiative took the view that you needed to start with a vision of the ideal education system that would genuinely meet the needs of society and individuals in the 21st Century and was unconstrained by pre-conceptions of existing education systems. Having established a vision of the optimal education system for the 21st Century (i.e. schome) the next stage would be to devise a strategy for moving from our current systems to schome.

Contribute to our strategic thinking

What is the Schome Park Programme?


Theoretical Background

Examples of Schome Project Outputs

From the Schome Park Programme:

My Schome magazine, issue 1 as a pdf file (17Mb)
My Schome magazine, issue 1 as a zip file (11Mb)
My Schome magazine, issue 2 as a pdf file (1.2Mb).
Satellite proposal
Mars' poster of the satellite project

From the Aspire Pilot:

Key Presentations

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