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Ray Tolley - Career Profile – as at July ’05

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I initially trained as a teacher of Design and Technology and have made every effort to keep up with educational theory and practice. From my earliest days of teaching I have always held a high view of the professional development of colleagues and have attended hundreds of minor courses of study as learner, deliverer or organiser. It was through such activities in the Educational Institute of Design Craft and Technology (EIDCT) that I moved through the echelons of Branch and National Executive, becoming President in 1987.

Alongside such activities it was my ‘leading edge’ use of IT in my capacity as a Senior HoD in Design & Technology that provoked the LEA Inspectorate to invite me to become an Advisory Teacher for IT in Croydon

I was appointed as Director of Technology (Senior Teacher Scale) to Emmanuel College, Gateshead, in 1989. This was an immensely satisfying period of my career, enabling me to start, literally, with a blank sheet in designing the internal layout of the College, its resources, staffing and curriculum both for Technology and IT & Business Studies. The OfSTED inspection (1995) severally identified our work as ‘outstanding’.

My last 22 years in ICT have thus been coloured very much by my approach to Technology and ‘problem solving’. Obviously, I believe that the synergistic use of ICT throughout all subject areas is a key to raising whole-College standards but that this ‘key’ needs to be in the context of effective teaching and learning environments.