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Hi Pam - great to have you on board - you are our 250th registered user of WikiWorks (a fact that I've logged in the schome community history 'blogg'). Have you found the schome community forum? If you want to discuss schomey things then that is probably the place to do it (online) - unfortunately its not that well integrated with wikiworks at the moment so you need to register and log in for it seperatly. To get to the schome community forum use the 'Community forum' link in the navigation panel on the left of every page in wikiworks. This page can then be used as your personal homepage within the schome community - to tell folk about yourself and/or to provide links to other sites that you find useful (I have a page which I use as my homepage that has links to all the websites I use most frequently). Anyway - hope you sign up with the schome community forum - looking forward to chatting with you. PeterT 06:02, 27 September 2006 (BST)