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My Provocation

My Idea I thought long and hard about my schome provocation, and here it is:

I believe that children should attend pre-school nuresry, and the like (like 2 day) before they go to school. My reason for this is that going to these places teaches children how to speak, communicate and basic socialising skills, as well as educating them. I don't think that you can do this in any other way. NO COMPUTERS INVOLVED. If you introduce children of 2 and 3 years old to a computer they may become totally addicted or turn themself away from them for life! But in this time they should be educated in a number of different ways, through music, through reading etc ... To get a rough idea of what the children like and dislike.

On to Primary School, I think that this one is particularly interesting. I believe that at some point in their Primary educucation they need to be introducued to the computer world, but when? The easiest solution would be to introduce them when their teachers feel that they are ready, but this would be impractical. Students that are not deemed 'ready' would loose confidence. So this would not work. The most logical way would be to slowly ease the pupils into more technical ways of learning. For example, when the children are in year 2 they would start to play educational games on the computer and occasionally type up their work so that they can get used to it. Then in Year 3 their computer work will become more advanced and so on. But if a specific child is reluctant to work on the computers they will not be forced. But they would have to do a small amount as it would help them in later life. On the other end of the scale, if a child wants to go on the computer more then they should be allowed to to an extent, but not so far that they become hooked. By year 6 they should be able to use a computer fairly well, and also know when they are becoming obsessed. I would also slowly introduce them to the latest technology, such as an mp4 player at around this age.

The actual learning that takes place at about this age is also important, although in some ways it will be experimentational. Through different forms of teaching. Pupils will be invited to give their preferances but encouraged to keep learning in all the different forms so that by the time that you leave Primary School the child will have a firm favourite that they would be comfortable learning with mainly for the rest of their school life.

Another thing I would have liked at Priimary School would have been lots more days out(school trips). My reason for this is simple, you'd learn more from an interesting day to a specific museum than you would studying from a book or watching a powerpoint (or the equivilant) on that topic. This is yet another style of learning.

One of my first ideas was that pupils could go to their parents work places ocasionally to learn experience hands-on. But this would definately not work, if some people's parents had low level jobs, or none at all they would feel low. So instead of this I would have them go to places around the area for days trips, where no child's parents work, because that may lead to bullying.

By this time in the young peoples life they should be confident in socialising and being independant, to an extent. And they should also know their most effective way of learning. To begin with all pupils will attend their new Secondary 'Complex' and be taught. They will be able to choose between lots of different types of learning for all of their subjects and for a short time be taught in the school. After a term or so, pupils may be allowed to work independantly from home, if their teachers think that they have earned the right and will be able to cope. They will be tested daily, and if the marks drop then they will be brought back to school to learn there again.

I would scrap detentions because I dont think that they have any effect, if the students misbehave then they will be forced to study out of textbooks, they'll soon behave.

As far as exams are concerned I would not have coureswork, merealy exams every month through the whole of years 10 and 11, all worth equal marks. Through years 7 to 9 I would have school set exams, SCRAP SATS. But I would definately keep school trips, and make sure that pupils went on at least one, preferably 2 each month, to imprive their first hand knowledge.

As for the school grounds themselves, I think that pupils should choose were they would like to be taught. Modern buildings that are easy to work in will be constructed but pupils may request that they may, for example, want to work outside. The possibilities are endless.

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   More to come one day...