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Since I have absolutely no idea what to put in this page, I think I'll mostly just ramble on about nothing.

Phase 1:

So, to begin: I haven't done many events as of yet, partly because I've been unable to get on the computer at the right times (thanks to my lovely brother), but mostly because so far I've been concentrating on my own projects. I've mostly been working on the physics of SL, which consisted of doing a few experiments on mass, trying to do waveforms then giving up because SL doesn't model physical flexible objects, and building trebuchets (as you can see my time in SL has been productive :D). Apart from that I've been working on scripts: at first a self registering piece of ammunition for my trebuchet, and now both a script for sailing boats and one for the chess board. Unfortunately the boat script has been delayed due to problems in the chess script, which is turning out to be slightly more complex than I first thought (my apologies to explo). I'm also working on some notecards which should provide the basics of scripting (in the hope that I'll need to do less in future :P

If you pass me the partially ported chess script and the original C program (which I seem to have deleted by accident :( ), I could try to fix it up while you can work on other stuff... After all, I don't have anything particular to do in SL at the moment... --Decimus 19:32, 26 April 2007 (BST)

Phase 3:

It's rather a long time since I've edited this at all, due to life generally getting in the way. I've done some more work on various scripts, having now completed the chess scripts here, scripts for swarming here and here, and a few other scripts at various times. I've built a design for the eco-centre, which unfortunately hasn't been used or added to very much. I've also participated in quite a large number of ethics and philosophy discussions, and continued work on SL physics by investigating the conditions under which SSF is broken using an automatic testing module. Work on this is discontinued at the current time because the trends seemed to vary considerably, but might be taken up again in future. Finally, and most recently, I've participated in the submission for the space experiment competition here.