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Welcome to KitkatKid's Pages!

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Here is my picture blog!

28th March 2010

Here is a map I made


13th March 2010

Kit tries out some skydiving.





2010 Rebirth?

Impressed with the bunting, Fox tries out some acrobatics. (Was there always a floating Scho-op above the Blue Mango?) Acrobatics.jpg

Activity begins to increase in SP as I suggest a meetup.

Kitbluemango1.png Kit on the Blue Mango balcony, with added bunting.

Kitbluemango2.png Kit scenic.

Kitbluemango3.png Dancing in the moonlight?

History - 12th May

Fox@History.JPG Fox taking a break

Pictures of me

Kit celebrates easter.JPG Me celebrating easter!

KitKatKid.JPG Here is the new look me.

Random Group Pictures


eli's Scripting Surgery on 21st March


Weekly Meeting: Amba, KitKatKid and Budd.

Topper's Challenge - 19th March


Dropped from 200m up by a mistake from KitKatKid...


Ball comes rolling.


Ball rolling down!

Opening Party - 26th Jan

Party1.png - Waiting for the show

Party2.png - Me and Ranger

Party3.png - Yellow snakes in the sky!

Schomeparty4.png - Yellow into red

Schomeparty5.png - Pink flowery fountains!

Schomeparty6.png - Fountains against a red swoosh

Schomeparty7.png - Some groovy rainbow things appear

Schomeparty8.png - Absolutely amazing

Schomeparty9.png - Dancing (midday)

Schomeparty10.png - Dancing (midday again)

Schomeparty11.png - Dancing in the moonlight!