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Jak's Provocations

Steve's Provocations

Hi I am part of the St Boniface Year 10 ASPIRE group (See Steve's Provocations or 'Help' which is on the Main page)

My vision classroom

This is just an idea. What do you think? We need comments to help develop our ideas, so please just write what you think (Evan if you think it's completely stupid or impractical!)

My ideas for sharing thinking about visions

I have also come up with a list of ideas for a presentation in a school, to get ideas for the project.

How would I get other people to share their ideas if we went into a school?

• Role Play - Have a play on what schools are like at the moment

• Examples - Have a ‘typical’ student and teacher

• Ideas – Share our own ideas with people

• Goodie Bag – A pack full of ‘goodies’ with logo on and booklets on who we are and what we do

• Questionnaires – See what they like and don’t like about schools at present, and how they would change them (Remind them that what they say will make a difference to them and not to miss this chance)

• Pictures – Ask them to draw their idea of a perfect school and classroom

• Provide Information – Answer questions and inform about website and how else they can get involved and share their ideas

Some folk have left comments on my ideas on the discussion panel - I'd love to hear your comments too so please add some!