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22nd January

I've been looking into the possibility for Peter to have his RL voice in SL. I'm also considering going into the earplug business!  ;o) It looks like its possible to download some programs and have streaming audio to a parcel of land, however, the number of people listening may affect the quality of the broadcast. More later...

20nd January

I've been building lots of stuff recently and I think I've finally mastered getting prims to line up with each other. The trick is to use the XYZ coordinates to get the two prims in line with each other then use the move botton to close the gap. Easy really. To line up two prims at a specific angle its the same thing but using the angle values instead.

17th December

-I've been trying to get a door for the house so I copied the script from the ICT library, stuck it in to a prim and waited. And waited. And waited. I guess It isn't as easy as it claims so I give up and make some windows for my house. It took a while but I've worked out that selecting two objects and pressing cntl L lockes two prims together so I can now move both the window and the glass in the window at the same time!!! cool. It is still quite difficult to alline all the windows with each other and the side of the house but I get there in the end. There is anotherrr script I saw that would help with this but I'm not to good at making them work so I'll give this a miss. -I logged off(crashed) and logged back on again. I came back to my house where I'd spent quite a long time making all my windows and putting them into place to find they had all turned into doors and were lieing on their sides! STUPID COMPUTERS!!!! Luckyly I'd saved a copy of my window in my inventory so it didn't take to long to correct this. -So I now have a door(well 4 doors) which everyone can open so I'm spending a lot of time reading scripts and trying to work out how to let in only schomers. The obvious thing to try is to get hold of a sensor script and only allow people in the schome group to enter however I'm struggling to find a free script.

I'm assuming you have searched the SL Knowledgebase. Might be worth putting a request for help re the script in the SL help topic in the forum ... PeterT 06:07, 18 December 2006 (GMT)

5th December

-My house is still there!!! I wasn't sure it would be there after the crash so I'm a little happier now! -Stairs look very complicated at the moment so I've gone with a ramp instead. This seams to work well except I fall out of the other side of the building most times I use it. I think another wall is needed. I can't work out how to get two windows in one wall so I've just used one big transparent wall. I'll ask on the forum.

4th December

- The library computer hates me. Luckily there's a lovely computer tech who sorts it out. - I've started building a house for the Schome group. Its currently a hollowed out box with a second floor. No stairs yet though. - Arrgg the computer's crashed again. Stupid computers! Where did the lady who saved me earlier go???

1st December

- Should be easier to "think outside the box" now that I've gotten in to it!!

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A good start?! lol PeterT 21:45, 30 November 2006 (GMT)