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== 17th March - 23rd March 2008 == Total hours in-world: 1. Total hours administration: 4 hours. Total hours promotional: 8 hours.

Spent most of last week and this week sorting out information for the page and collecting relevant evidence of how Schomers use Schome.

Also received great news that Topper is going to represent the Schome space experiment team at the judging of finalists....he gets to go to the UK Space Conference and will met lots of cool and interesting space people! It is good that we will be able to hear first hand from the judges about feedback for the proposal etc. We can also meet the other teams and have a look at their ideas too.

I am about to start registering another 15 students too.....and still haven't finished the STFC funding proposal :S

== 10th March - 16th March 2008 == Total hours in-world: 3. Total hours administration: 3 hours. Total hours promotional: 5 hours.

Sent out the draft leaflet this week, got lots of suggestions. Have done corrections and now the focus is on some kind of informational webpage to go with the leaflet. I also started the STFC funding proposal - organising ideas and activities/themes. Have written everything down, will be uploading the the staff wiki shortly.

Was in-world for the SP 1st birthday. everyone suddenly got a bit camera/microphone shy when it was suggested a speech should be given - all descended into chaos once the birthday cake candles were lit, blown out, lit, blown out, lit, blown get the picture ;). Will upload images when i get home....

== 3rd March-9th March 2008 == Total hours in-world: 1. Total hours administration: 3 hours. Total hours promotional: 10 hours. Busy busy week last week! After about 1 month of hard work and discussions, the Space Experiment team submitted their proposal. Woo! Colleagues that saw it thought it was a really high standard. I have also started catching up on all the Schome work I sidelined last week, such as marking a template for some promotional leaflets.

8th February 2008

Haven't said anything in a while. Much has changed! A Space Experiment Team has been formed, and all is progressing well. Just 20 days to go before the deadline, but I am sure something will get sent and hopefully the Schome Team will get shortlisted for development. I think its a fantastic opportunity be part of something that may actually launched into space and collect meaningful data!

Today I also passed on the baton (or is it burden?!) of wiki moderation to Alice SParker, as my Schome life is filled with other administrative and bureaucratic duties and I don't have time for it anymore!

21st January 2008

Ok so its approximately 24 hours to go until the opening of the new island.... I've been fortunate to catch a few sneaky peaks at Olly's computer whilst he has been working away. Can't say anything about it till the opening as i don't really want to give anything away. I'm finding it exciting as i wasn't around at the opening of SPi or SPii, nor when they were developed by staff and students to their existing states.

Also I have been registering loads of new students since November, plus there's new staff...

Lots of new activities gonna be started soon too.

14th January 2008

I forgot to write about the Schome Space Experiment project. I got an email at work outlining a competition run by the British National Space Centre and a company called Surrey Satallite. They are running a competition to design a space experiment that will be built and fly on one of the small satellites [1]. The competition is open to all UK secondary school students - so i figured why not ask the Schomers on the forum if they want to design something! We've been having discussions whilst the island is down [2] and have had interest from lots of people, with lots of ideas....

The plan now is to meet on 24th Jan for an inworld meeting/ voting session to try and define or at least short list projects for the proposal. Fox also suggested we think about ways in which the data could be used, unique to Schome - it would certainly make our proposal stand out from all the other generic school entries!

30th December 2007

Ok so I've been a bit quiet since my giant ice-cream making experience (which i had to remove as it was an illegal build!). I went in world a couple of times before the island closed - even managed to get voice chat thing working, though no luck with streaming sound....I believe its random in choosing when to be heard!

Today I learned how to upload pictures, embed thumbnails and create tables in the wiki [much thanks to Trixxiees fab tutorials!]

So I am now beating Olly aka Faji in the "who is a more advanced user of a wiki" stakes.... very pleased with myself LOL!

5th December 2007

So I thought I would start one of these bliki things to record my experiences in SPii. I'm so proud of myself - learned to do lots of new and interesting things last week! My av learned how to fly, walk and push other avs (!) hehe!. I met loads of new people and listened in on the maths club meeting.

Last week my best achievment was my first build - my "use in case of emergency" ice-cream that is currently sitting somewhere between the volcano and the beach.

Finishing touches.jpg
3 of us.....jpg
Mmmm icecream.jpg