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Hello guys! This is Terrence! I am a PhD student of chemistry Dept. of OU Milton Keynes. In second life, my name is Terrence Wilber(add me to your frined list!lol), I am a 23 yrs old man with chocolate skin. I am bald but i have goatee beard, not very tall about 175cm, build up, I have big muscle and little belly :< I wear a black vest and dark blue short without shoes and socks(use to wear nothing for long time). I enjoy this game, so much fun when I play it.My MSN Blog

Welcome Terrence - great that you've started your userpage. Looking forward to finding out about your adventures in Second Life (but remember that this is a public site used by children as well as adults). PeterT 21:58, 30 November 2006 (GMT)

My Adventures in SL

Idea sparking

There is a clue about how to display web page in-world I found durning Xmas play. 1 001.JPG

1 002.JPG

Week 3

12 Dec 06

I have a penguin as a pet which can follow me all the time and talk to me. I was trying to make something else follow me, like different colour flashing stars. But they all stuck together, will separaet them tomorrow, make a beautiful xmas sense. I want to make a wide screen LCD TV as the notice board to display the web page. Added some scripts, while click, it will ask you whether want to go to URL or somewhere else, hope that is a way to display the webpage in world. Will try it soon.

11 Dec 06

I put a Xmas hat here, free to copy for schomers only.

Xmas hat.JPG

Week 2

Achievements of week 2

Found more interesting islands.

Learned how to creat stuff.

Talked to people about Schome(bad result.....)

I wouldn't say it was a bad result - just reminded us that some people in SL are motivated by making money rather than being genuinely interested in schome - an important lesson - and we do need to know about folk we can buy in to do things if/when we need to. PeterT 09:19, 9 December 2006 (GMT)
How are you getting on with finding out about how to show web pages in-world? I'm hoping you are going to be able to tell us how to do that (if it is possible) in our Monday meeting. PeterT 09:19, 9 December 2006 (GMT)

9th-10th Dec 2006

Midnight play! Task is done, yeah! But it does work on Celtment island, Or just because slow internet connect? Will sort it out soon.


8th Dec 2006

Talk with librarian Sebastian Genosse (Newbie guide)

Terrence - I've edited out the stuff you put in here because:
* you are not allowed to quote from people in SL without their written permission - and I'm assuming you didn't have that - if I'm wrong then let me know and we could reinstate the extract
* I am anxious about the content not being appropriate for the site - censorship if you will - this site is used by children as well as adults. Our focus should be on educational issues and the language/images we use need to reflect and take into account the membership of the schome community. Happy to discuss this if you want - email me or we can chat before/after Monday's meeting. PeterT 09:28, 9 December 2006 (GMT)

6th Dec 2006

Only 1 hour play today, Thanks for Dan's help, I succesfully arrived SLurl in SL, the info island.

In ICT library, found about 10 people stay around a librarin who looks like aa angle with transparent wings, seems she is giving away some cool stuff for free. I joined but didnt get anything, then moved in the middle of these people, shouted about Schome any our work! People left........

A guy named Little Gray seems interested about wot i am talking, I found he s a mature player of SL after chating with him. I nearly lost intereing about SL several days ago, becouse I dun know wot s aim of the game exactlly. Players can do architectural and aesthetic creation! That is it but not all.

I went to Freebie warehouse Burns(95,147,79) then, coz i want to build something I like, but I cant at the moment. Lords of boxes are on that island, left click most of them, then come back to Celtment, still cant creat wotever I want. I need more discover and study i think.

BTW, I changed my web browser, I can visit SLurl web page now:)

5th Dec 2006

Fianlly I found how to upload pictures! Here is me Terrence Wilber in SL.


Can't login SL tonight! A message said my account is not available until 2006-12-05 14:37:42 pacific time. But it is 22:30 now, is that SL system time? I dont know.

4Th Dec 2006

Here is what I have done from week two. last week, I just changed my apparence, and talked to some people. The worst thing is I cant find where I am!

After three days didnt play SL, I find I was in a Free House on helping island 21 when I logged on tonite. Walked around, then met a very people, He said that I am a 50 years old baldy fat man! I spent 40mins on my apparence changing last week. 一气之下, I went to daning and earned $8, but didnt loes any weight:>. After my laptop was crashed twice, I decided to go to Celtment island, the map is really a great staff, it is very easy to get the destination by using that.(I dont know b4). I met Olly there, and he taught me how to join shomer group, thx a lot! Built a big flesh ball on a hill, I did wish to chage the terrian and build something cool, But unsuccesfully. flied around Cetlment island, I found another place named xxx river, cant remember the whole name, but got something, plus a cold beer from VanDorman's Beer fridge. When I finished playing, found 'who's who' is changed, I havent upload my pic yet. Rebecca dropped me a msg, but doesnt work after I did follow it. I do want to upload lords pics. lol, I can tpye different languane on the forum, probably I will write my blog in Chinese, or not......hehe

I'm amazed that you can do Chinese characters in here - would be great to be broadening access to other groups - I guess I'd want an English translation too cos otherwise I won't know what you've been up to! PeterT 07:33, 6 December 2006 (GMT)