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War Children

It would be really useful if you could tell us who wrote the book as well Mummypenny 09:50, 25 February 2007 (GMT)

War children

this is an account of different children during world war 2.

i really liked this book and relised how alful ww2 was.

Spirit Walker

This book is the second book in the series 'The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness' that at present consists of Wolf Brother, Spirit Walker and Soul Eater. The fourth book 'Outcast' is due in Sept 2007.

The series is set in the Stone Age, and tells the story of a young orphaned boy, Torak, and his friendship with a wolf cub. The author has a passion for wolves and is actively invloved in their preservation in the UK and worldwide.

Torak, a 12 year old member of the Raven clan, travels to the Seal Clan, who may have a cure for the disease that has struck the forest where he lives. He travels alone as he does not want anyone else to risk their lives. When he reaches the edge of the forest he has no idea how to cross the watre to Seal island so spends a night there. He fishes for his meal, an obvious thing to do, but a crime to the Seal Clan who capture him and are going to send him to 'The Rock'(maybe from Alcatraz)for two moons. When Torak speaks to mage(the Seal clan magician) he discovers that there are two children captured by the Soul Eaters(the title of the third book)who have been possessed by demon souls.He asks if he can have the cure for the disease and the mage agrees but the only problem is is that the ingredient is at the top of a huge rock. Torak undertakes an adventure in order to help his clan. Another fantastic book and I am eager to start the next one.

Spirit Walker is a spellbinding story of fellowship,treachery and self-sacrifice which plunges you into the haunted world of the deep past'and takes you further on the journey which began with 'wolf brother'. No I did not write this bit myself. It is copied from the back cover of the book.

If you are intereseted in this book go to this