The schome-NAGTY Teen Second Life Pilot overview

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A pilot project during which 150 members of NAGTY (The National Association of Gifted and Talented Youth) aged between 13 and 17 will be exploring Teen Second Life.

Aims & objectives

Both the schome community and NAGTY are seeking to transform educational spaces/practices to provide educational engagement for potentially disenfranchised learners.

This pilot project aims to explore the educational potential and pitfalls of Teen Second Life with a cohort of 'gifted and talented' learners - and in so doing to:

  • provide the participants with a positive learning experience (outside school) which gives them the opportunity and support to maximise their potential
  • inform our thinking about schome, through:
    • providing us with a greater understanding of virtual reality 3D environments as an additional media to support learning (feeding into our thinking about what we want from an education system and how different forms of mediation might enable us to achieve this
    • helping us to try out 'radically different' models of education (feeding into our visions of schome)

What are we doing?

We are providing a range of resources to support the NAGTY students in developing their use of Schome Park (the schome community's island in Teen Second Life). These resources include:

  • The schome community wiki - which includes information about things the students can do and how to do them, as well as providing a collaborative space for students to document their experiences and thinking
  • The schome community forum - where students can engage in discussion (alongside other members of the schome community) and can ask for and provide each other with support
  • The SLog] - a tool to enable students on Schome Park to 'blog' (well SLog actually) their experiences in-world. Their SLog webpage is publicly accessible so that they can share it with others (who may not be involved in the pilot)
  • Schome Park - which has been designed to stimulate students and provide them with opportunities to develop their own ideas for activities and/or projects that they wish to implement

Other information

The Scho-Op on Schome Park


  • NAGTY provided funding for the pilot
  • The Innovation Unit provided additional funding
  • The Open University provided funding for the purchase of the schome community islands in Second Life and Teen Second Life, and for intial exploration and development work.
  • Dan Seamans donated a considerable amount of his own time to the project - designing and implementing most of the builds on Schome Park (and SchomeBase).

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