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Schome Festival of the Arts 2008 Presented by: Schome Art Group A subsidiary of Schomer Group

The Beginning of A Schome Tradition: A Non-profit Annual Cultural Event for your Pleasure

Theme 2008 - ‘The Exhibit in the Sky’

What is the Schome Arts Festival? It is an exhibition encompassing the exceptional and widely diverse art works of OU affiliates displayed in superb virtual surroundings enhanced by the individual artists works, and their personal input on creating the environments in which they are displayed. Additionally many participants will be creating their own environments further expanding the inherent value of the exhibit with their individual virtual building talents. Seventeen artists will display a diverse collection of Art in the mediums of painting, sculpture, stained glass, photography, aircraft design, ceramics, virtual building and the art of poesy. The Festival will be held above Schome Base on a sky platform offering a unique experience of the Arts from a suspended environment.

When is the event? Friday/Sat. December, 12,13 2008 Where is the event? In the Sky above Open Life Island