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I still think you would find it easier to have these conversations in the Physics strand discussion board ... PeterT 22:04, 15 March 2007 (GMT)


See also the Gravity discussion in the Forum]

I found, on a scripting example, something which said that SL gravity is the same as RL gravity. (9.8m*s-2)

Of course, we will need to test this in SL, so that's why I haven't put it on the main page...

--Decimus 23:42, 10 March 2007 (GMT)

Must say I am sceptical about the accuracy of some aspects of the physics engine in SL - will be interesting to see the outcomes of your test. How will you test it? PeterT 06:04, 11 March 2007 (GMT)
We could test it by applying an upwards force to an object and seeing where it floated without moving? (Maybe, to ensure it was very accurate, we could put another object which isn't affected by gravity (turn the Physics engine off for it) next to the one that is and look for any position differences over a long time?) --Decimus 16:20, 11 March 2007 (GMT)
One point about that: We'd need a script to create another object next to it, to ensure that it does that... Now, how are we going to manage that? --Decimus 21:09, 11 March 2007 (GMT)
Okay, I have an idea of how to do it --Decimus 19:01, 14 March 2007 (GMT)
We have found that it is generally easier to use the forum for discussions than trying to use these talk pages (indeed one of the things we would like to do is change the software so that when you click on the discussion tab it takes you to the relevant board/topic in the forum - it's on our wishlist for now!) PeterT 06:04, 11 March 2007 (GMT)
That would be helpful --Decimus 16:20, 11 March 2007 (GMT)


Light or lenses or something related don't seem to work the same way in SL as in RL. Euphloozie and I were chatting in SL the other day, and she asked why my arm kept jerking upward whenever I finished typing. I said it didn't - but she kept on seeing it do so. I used camera controls to put my view over her shoulder, so that we were both looking at my avatar. She saw the arm go up (and took a snapshot) but the arm didn't move for me. Fox

A couple of people have complained of stuff not working, but I don't get that. That's probably not to do with the light; maybe more to do with the program acting up - see Lubarsky's Law of Cybernetic Entomology, from that incredibly useful reference, the Jargon File :) --Decimus 21:32, 15 March 2007 (GMT)
Just one more bug? :-)
Yeah, it should really be "There is always at least one more bug :p
But, seriously, I think this brings up a complex issue about how we define the 'laws of physics' in SecondLife. Are they the ones which are programmed in and are supposed to happen - in which case we dismiss the behaviours produced by bugs as singularities - or they are the ones which actually happen and which affect our avatars even though they're not meant to? If the speed of light slows down when there are over 35 avatars on the island I think that's worth observing and noting even though the SecondLife programmers may not have intended it to happen. If what happens in another dimension (eg my RL graphics card being inadequate) has an observable effect which can be reliably observed in SL - then that might tell us something about the physics of SL, or it might just make us speculate about the possible implications of a multi-dimensional universe. Fox
Here's a question: Is the SL version of c finite or infinite? I don't know how we could test this, though... The only way would be to look at the code, which we can't (as the thing's proprietary). Failing that, apply Occam's Razor (you wouldn't notice c being different in SL) and state it's infinite :) --Decimus 21:01, 19 March 2007 (GMT)