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Below is a table that looks at the overlaps between different sets of skills identified in different sources ...

The Revised Knowledge Age Skills Framework

Skill Commercial sites (eg [1],[2],[3]) Trilling and Hood (1999) Partnership for 21st Century Skills (2002) ?


Communication skills

Communication - Crafting Messages and Using Media Effectively

Communication Skills: Understanding, managing and creating effective oral, written and mulitimedia communication in a variety of forms and contexts

Interpersonal and Collaborative Skills

Team skills

Collaboration - Cooperation, Compromise, Consensus, Community-building, etc.

Interpersonal and Collaborative Skills: Demonstrating teamwork and leadership; adapting to varied roles and responsibilities; working productively with others; exercising empathy; respecting diverse perspectives.

Creativity and Intellectual Curiosity

Adaptability skills

Creativity - New Knowledge Creation, "Best Fit" Design Solutions, Artful Storytelling, etc.

Creativity and Intellectual Curiosity: Developing, implementing and communicating new ideas to others, staying open and responsive to new and diverse perspectives.

Information and Media Literacy Skills

Computer skills

Computing - Effective Use of Electronic Information and Knowledge Tools

Information and Media Literacy Skills: Analysing, accessing, managing, intergrating, evaluating and creating information in a variety of forms and media. Undrestanding the role of media in society.

Critical Thinking

Business skills

Critical Thinking-and-Doing - Problem-solving, Research, Analysis, Project Management, etc.

Critical Thinking and Systems Thinking: Exercising sound reasoning in understanding and making complex choices, understanding the interconnections among systems

Problem solving

Business skills

Critical Thinking-and-Doing - Problem-solving, Research, Analysis, Project Management, etc.

Problem identification, formulation and solution: Ability to frame, analyse and solve problems.


Learning skills

Career & Learning Self-reliance - Managing Change, Lifelong Learning and Career Redefinition

Self-Direction: Monitoring one’s own understanding and learning needs, locating appropriate resources, transfering learning from one domain to another.

Social Responsibility

Cross-cultural Understanding - Across Diverse Ethnic, Knowledge and Organizational Cultures

Social Responsibility: Acting responsibly with the intersests of the larger community in mind; demonstrating ethical behaviour in personal, workplace and community contexts.

Accountability and adaptability

Adaptability skills

Accountability and adaptability: Exercising personal responsibility and flexibility in personal, workplace and community contexts; setting and meeting high standards and goals for one’s self and others; tolerating ambiguity.